I got nothin’ – Printable Sign

Printable sign and photo prop 'I got nothin'
Do you ever run out of ideas? Or is your head full of them, but it’s the creative drive you lack? Does every one want a piece of you, and you have nothing left to give? That is me this week, turns out “I got nothin'”. My inspiration has been misplaced and I’m using all my powers of motivation to just do the ‘getting the kid to school’, ‘making cheese sandwiches’ and ‘having a shower’ part of life.

It’s really the fault of this eBook I’m writing, it’s a much bigger project than I expected (they always are)! Turns out my brain can’t multitask when it comes to creativity. I have to commit 100% to what I’m doing or a new little creative spark will sneak in and derail what ever I’m working on.

(Also I got a bit obsessed with the game Candy Crush – It’s evil, stay away!)
I got nothin printable sign speech bubble
That means I’m sort of empty handed tutorial wise this week, will you forgive me?
But because I know you guys are probably feel just like this sometimes, I’ve given you somethin’ for when you’ve got nothin’, for when every wants a little piece of you and you have neither the time, energy or motivation to do all the stuff.
Here is a whopping big sign to print and stick on your door to fend off the kids, boss* or anyone that wants more than you can give – They’ll survive.
I got nothing printable sign
Download the PDF here
And if you can’t even be bothered talking, cut it out and tape a stick to it, then in meetings your speech bubble will say it all.
Photo prop speech bubble

(*I take no responsibility for your boss’s lack of a sense of humor – use at your own risk)