How To: Paper Patchwork Folder

Today’s DIY project created by the lovely Belinda of MoonmuM. Belinda makes amazing paper based products

Paperwork for me is the most dull thing EVER. I truly dislike it and avoid it at all costs, which isn’t so great when running a small business. I do, however, love pretty stationery. So since I’m too cheap to pay for ‘designer stationery’ and i need to entice myself into action, i buy plain old bits’n’pieces and pretty them up myself. It’s a whole lot nicer to sit down with a colourful folder in front of you to get organised when it looks good.

This is my latest attempt at getting my act together – a paper patchwork folder.

You’ll need:
– plain brown A4 ringed binder (got mine at officeworks)
– set of white A4 dividers
– manilla folder in any colour
– colourful and patterned papers
– scissors
– Mod Podge + paintbrush
– glue stick
– sewing machine (optional)

So, take all your coloured paper and cut out a bazillion little hexagons. I used a template approx 4cm wide and needed 72 hexagons.

Working from the edges, use your paintbrush with the Mod Podge to glue the hexagons onto the front of your folder.

Place colours and patterns randomly to create a nice patchwork effect. Glue them on and coat over the top of them as you go too. Mod Podge is a glue and sealer in one, super-easy to work with, dries clear and gives a nice durable and varnished looking finish.

Allow to dry and then slap on another coat.

For my dividers i used some matching paper that i used for the hexagons to cover the tabs. Just glue the coloured paper on and cut around the tab shape for a neat finish.

I also needed a spot to shove receipts, so i made a pocket for the inside front cover by cutting down a coloured manila folder to measure 22cm x 15cm. I sewed around three sides of the pocket with a wide zig-zag stitch on the sewing machine. This is optional, you could just glue the edges together if you wanted. I like the homey feel of stitching.
Then glue your pocket to the inside front cover.

Done! Hope it brightens up the dullest of dull tasks for you :)

Thanks Belinda, your Paper Patchwork folder looks amazing!


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