How To: Handmade Fabric Deco Tape

How to make decorative tape with fabric scraps -

This handmade fabric tape is easy to make with just a few scraps of pretty fabric. Use it to embellish scrapbook projects, gift wrapping or anything else you would use normal adhesive tape for. We’ve even been known to use small pieces as doll band-aids.

You will need:

  • fabric scraps
  • double sided adhesive tape
  • scissors
  • iron (optional)

How to:

How to made fabric tape -

1. Iron your fabric if it is very creased.

2. Stick one side of your double sided tape onto fabric and press firmly.

3. With scissors cut closely around sides of double sided tape.

4. You’re done! To use, cut required length and just peel off backing tape.

Tune in tomorrow to see how I’ve used the tape to embellish my Christmas gifts.

How to make adhesive decorative fabric tape


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