DIY Collage Letter Writing Paper Stationery Set

Ditch the boring old stationery sets, and instead make your own with some colourful paper scraps and our handy printable template.

DIY letter writing paper stationery set

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If letter writing is your jam, this collaged letter writing paper is sure to add some flair to your snail mail.

It’s easy to create a unique letter writing kit in your own personal style. Make it colourful or elegant, and print up as many pages as you need.

When you run out of letter writing paper, just run off more copies with a photocopier or printer.

You can even make matching envelopes with this DIY Envelope Template.

DIY Collage Craft Stationery

This is a fun project to make with kids. Collect interesting paper scraps, photos, stickers or even pressed flowers to decorate the lined paper template. They will love sending letters to their pen pals, friends and family.

A homemade stationery set also makes a great gift for letter writing friends. Just package it up in a cello bag for a professional finish.

Photocopying or scanning collaged paper is a fantastic technique that can be adapted for many creative uses. In the past we’ve made wrapping paper with vintage ribbons and flowers. Use them as inspiration for your own DIY letter writing paper designs.

Scan & Print Collage Crafts:

Personalise your letters with your own Collaged Stationery Set

DIY letter writing paper

You will need:

  • A4 printer paper
  • Paper scraps (magazines, gift wrap, coloured paper)
  • Scissors
  • Glue (or double sided tape)
  • Colour Photocopier (or scanner and printer)

How to:

1. Print the template at 100%.

2. Cut up the scrap paper into small, interesting shapes. The shape could be anything – circles, hearts, teardrops, etc. You could also use stickers, pressed flowers or photos.

3. Play around with the layout of the cut out shapes, onto the printed template. You are creating a border with the shapes, so ensure the stationery lines on the template are mostly visible.

4. Glue (or tape) the shapes to the template.

5. Now you can photocopy multiple copies of your paper crafted stationery design. Alternatively, scan the design and save it as a JPG file, then make multiple copies on a printer.

Keep the original art (or digital file) safe so you can make further copies when you run out of letter writing paper.

diy stationery set

DIY letter writing set

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