Recycled Craft: Giant Airmail Envelope

Make a Giant Airmail Envelope
I’ve fallen a bit behind with my snail mail so hopefully my pen pals will forgive my tardy replies when I send a letter in this Giant Airmail Envelope. It was easy and fun to make from an empty cereal box that was headed for the recycle bin.

It’s really no larger than a large letter, but the oversized classic red and blue stripe pattern around the edges and a big AIR MAIL stamp make it feel look like a giant envelope. Add large writing for added effect.

You will need:

Airmail envelope supplies

  • 2 x rectangles thin white cardboard (I’ve used the front and back of a cereal box painted white)
  • Red and Blue Markers
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine (or adhesive tape)

Tip: Keep the size under maximum large letter size for cheaper postage costs : 26 x 36 cm for Australia Post.

How to

How to make a giant envelope
1. Mark diagonal stripe pattern and any other design you wish to include with pencil. I’ve also drawn a large Air Mail stamp.
2. Use markers to fill in designs on front, on back mimic envelope flap design. Erase pencil marks.
3. Use a pencil to draw wavy lines to mimic franking stamp.
4. Place back and front together and machine sew (with zig zag stitch) only THREE sides of envelope (or you can use tape to stick both halves together).
26 x 36 cm
5. Insert your letter.
6. Sew shut remaining open side.
7. Add stamps and addresses and you are ready to post!
return address
make a recycled airmail envelope
Why not make one with the kids, I’m sure they would love making giant sized letters or artworks to put in the envelope.
Air Mail
Emma quite likes the idea of AIR MAIL!
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Make a Giant Airmail Envelope

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  • Sarah Helene says:

    Clever large Air Mail envelope! What a surprise when it arrives! Thanks for sharing your tutorial. Sarah on Minneapolis, MN, USA

  • Giselle says:

    Faz um tempo que acompanho seus trabalhos aqui.
    Mas esse é muito legal mesmo…!Superinteressante , num tempo de celular!!
    Assim fica muito prazeroso resgatar as correspondências já tão esquecidas!!
    Abraços fraternais
    Giselle e Amanda(filha)

  • Mrs D says:

    Tremendous! Thanks for sharing, I’ve bookmarked to do with my son.

  • Maggy Jones says:

    Wonderful idea! I bet my colleagues will fall in love with it and start sending mail like that! I think that we can even organise a recycling day and bring all children to help us! Greetings, Rubbish Removal West Kensington Ltd.

  • Wow, you can send a book in that one! You have given me a wonderful idea. Now I am collecting cardboards to print my business cards on. I am kind of hyped.
    Thank you!

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