DIY Floral Wrapping Paper

How to Print your own wrapping paper
I was asked to design a project to celebrate the birthday of William Morris the 19th century designer/writer who urged a return to handmade craftsmanship amidst a world rushing toward industrial manufacturing. His textile and surface designs heavily featured floral and nature inspired motifs, so with that in mind I gathered some leaves and flowers and set off to print my own paper.
Printing your own Floral Wrapping Paper is super quick to do, and with the magic of video I’ll even talk you through it!

DIY FLORAL WRAPPING PAPER a micro guide by My Poppet
How fun was that?
It looks so three dimensional when it’s printed.
Sheets of floral wrapping paper
Ideal for small gifts and other craft or scrapbook projects.
Floral gift wrap DIY
Here are some more DIY paper design ideas using other objects.
Get the kids involved in designing and printing their own paper too.


  • Julie says:

    Love it.. will have to give it a try.. Thanks for taking the time to make and share your great crafty tutorial 🙂

  • Kayley says:

    I’ve been wanting to print my own wrapping paper for a while now, so this DIY is perfect for me! And that floral paper really does look 3D when printed. Wow!

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