Easy Heart Garland Cake Topper

Easy Heart Garland Cake Topper
Cake toppers are a simple way to add extra ‘pizazz’ to a cake whether it be home made or store bought. This week Elle from Cherry and Me, shows us how she made this Easy Heart Garland Cake Topper for her daughter’s birthday cake.

Cherry and I love getting crafty together and thought it would be super fun to bake and decorate a cake together for Cherry’s 4th birthday. We hopped on Instagram for some cake inspiration and decided to attempt to make our very own cake garland to complete our masterpiece. We sifted through our “draw of useful things” and found some items that were perfect for this project.

You will need:

Heart Garland Cake topper supplies
2 paper straws
A packet of heart stickers (or any other design you prefer)
Nylon string (about 15cm/6″)
Pointy knife or skewer

How to:

Heart garland cake topper how to steps
1. Cut a small hole, about 2cm (1″) down from the top of each straw.
2. Thread the string through the hole until it pokes out of the top of the straw. Tie a knot so it won’t pull back out.
TIP: Threading through the string can be a bit tricky if the ends are frayed. If your using nylon string, hold the tip near a small flame, just for a couple of seconds to melt and seal the ends.
3. Repeat step 2 with second straw. Pull the straws away from each other to tuck and hide knotted ends inside.
4. Stick the first sticker in the centre of the string and keep added stickers about 1.5cm (5/8″) apart.
5. Turn over and add a sticker to the back of each sticker you added in step 4.
6. Ta-da! Now it’s ready to complete your cake!
cake topper DIY instructions

Surprise pinata cake

All image credits – Cherry and Me

Head on over to Cherry and Me for our Rainbow Surprise Cake instructions and to see how we celebrated Cherry’s 4th birthday!

Elle cherry and meCherry and Me is a creative lifestyle blog about beautiful things we love, see and do with Cherry who is 4, Tiger, almost 2 and Mumma Elle, a graphic designer and passionate photographer. We post our weekly adventures on Sunday mornings so pop on over and say hello.

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