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Aussie Animal Kangaroo costume
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Looking for a way to make grocery shopping with the kids fun? Dress them as a kangaroo of course! Today we headed to our local Woolworths store to do some shopping and check out their new Aussie Animals collector cards. In partnership with the Taronga Conservation Society, Woolworths has launched an exclusive collection of educational cards to help kids learn about Australian Wildlife and have fun at the same time.
Kangaroo softie toy
Emma chose to be a kangaroo, it’s an Australian icon after all, but I think she was enamored with the idea of having a joey in her pouch. Emma and her joey have been inseparable since the onesie arrived in the mail. As you can see (after much nagging) I even had to make a pink t-shirt for it.
kid in kangaroo costume
There was much hopping around Woolworths and she certainly put smiles on other customers faces. Oh, and what’s this I see. Someone has found another practical use for her kangaroo pouch. I don’t think you can get Tunnok’s Tea Cakes in the bush.aussie animals swap cards play
There are over 108 Aussie Animals collector cards to collect, featuring all sorts of creatures great and small including endangered leatherback turtles, saltwater crocs and cuddly koalas. You get a pack of four at the checkout with every $20 purchase.
Aussie animals swap cards
Emma and I had fun opening each pack and sorting through her swap cards, her favourite was the Ulysses Butterfly.
Each card includes a photo, species code, and interesting animal trivia. They are colour coded by habitat, and Emma started grouping them into matching habitats without even being prompted.
I can see lots of potential for inventing games and quizzes, and there is an Aussie Animals Webpage full of fun facts, colouring pages, craft activities, games and party food ideas. We will certainly be playing the memory game…
Aussie Animals cards trading game
Aussie Animals trading cards are available exclusively at Woolworths supermarkets from the 18th September.

Did you collect swap cards as a kid?


  • Tim says:

    Amazing how these have taken off! Remind me of collecting Tazo’s back in the day. Will have to pop into woolies for my shopping to get some for my little cousin’s, they’ll love them.

    • Miss Cinti @ My Poppet says:

      lol, was just listening to a podcast where they mentioned Tazos. I was already too old for them when they came out, must be showing my age!

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