Blythe 10th Anniversary Exhibition

Yes, I’m still talking about Japan, bear with me…

Pilgrim and I were so lucky to catch this amazing Blythe Doll exhibition during our last few days in Tokyo, it was in the Parco Department store gallery space.

Called ’10 Happy Memories’ it’s a collection of every Blythe doll that has ever been released in Japan. WoW!

I believe it is touring some of the Parco stores in Japan till the spring of 2012 so if you are a Blythe lover and are going to be in Japan around that time, pop it on your to-do list.

Some of these gals are super stylin’ and probably so hard to get now. I wonder if there is a ‘Blythe HQ’ with a giant vault full of rare Blythe dolls?

Here is a link I found with
more information about the tour and a few bits of interesting Blythe trivia.


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