15 ‘Out of the Box’ Craft Kits for Adults

You may already enjoy popular crafts like sewing, crochet or knitting. But are you itching to try your hand at some more unusual craft projects?

If the answer is yes, then these ‘Out of the Box’ craft kits for adults may be for you!

collage of craft kits for adults

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DIY Craft kits are a fantastic way to learn new skills and techniques when you want to dabble in a new crafty field.

Often the barrier to entry for learning a new craft can be not knowing, or having access to, the best materials and tools required to get started.

Beginners craft kits solve that problem by including everything you need to successfully finish a craft project, and clear instructions that teach you the skills to expand your crafty knowledge – all in one box!

No need to buy expensive supplies in bulk when you only need a little to make a few candles, cyanotype prints, or resin coasters. Each kit has just enough to make the featured project.

If you enjoy the craft, yay! Now you have the basic tools and skills to carry on yourself. Any if you don’t enjoy it, no big loss because you don’t have a ton of extra supplies laying around gathering dust. Win Win!

These craft kits for adults also make great gifts for crafty friends and teens, or people you know that may not be creatively inclined but are keen to try a new hobby.

Most of the kits include links to video tutorials making the projects accessible to everyone, no matter what their skill level.

Even though the title specifies ‘Craft Kits for adults’, some of these kits would also be great for older kids and teens with some supervision.

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craft kits for adults - collage including image of tue dye bags, candle in jar, woodworking tools, repaired bowl

15 Craft Kits for Adults to try Something New

Take your crafting experiences to the next level with these 15 DIY kits for adults that contain everything you need to learn a brand new skill - all in one convenient box.

Whether it be trying your hand at something totally out of your comfort zone like whittling and woodcarving, or maybe expanding your sewing skills into shoe making - there is a craft kit here for you.

Arts and crafts kits aren’t just for kids anymore. These highly quality ones are designed to be enjoyed by adults looking to expand their crafting repertoire.

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