Time to try a new craft? Check out these Cool Latch Hook Kits

Latch Hook Kits have never really had a reputation for very tasteful designs. To be honest, unless you are into images of tigers, wolves or kittens, the choices tend to be a little slim.

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But don’t discount this craft because it has been ‘out of favour’ for the last few decades. I think that latch hook is going to become the ‘next big thing’ in craft. I predict it won’t be long before we see latch hook making a come back with a more modern twist.

I dabbled with latch hook when I made this Shaggy Latch Hook Cushion Cover. It was super fun to make and looks so cool.

Shaggy latch hook pillow cover DIY - mypoppet.com.au

It’s a craft that doesn’t require a great deal of technical skill, which makes it perfect for crafters of any level. It also makes the ideal project to do while watching Netflix!

Sure it can be a little time consuming, but since most of us have quite a lot of time on our hands right now, I say it’s really a great time to get into Latch Hooking!

I’ve scoured the intewebs for Latch Hook Kits that are contemporary, modern, or have cool vintage designs. Trust me, there’s a lot of ugly designs out there, so finding something ‘fresh’ was quite the challenge.

If you want a craft project that is ready to go, I’d suggest opting for a Latch Hook Kit that contains everything you need to get started. Most include a latch hook canvas, hook, pre-cut yarn and pattern design with instructions. Some canvases even come pre-edged or pre-sewn into cushion covers.

Because latch Hook Kits can be a bit pricey, another great alternative is creating a design yourself, or following a purchased pattern. There are some great downloadable pattern designs that can be followed to make a rug or wall hanging with your own craft supplies.

Designs can be drawn directly onto the canvas or use a chart with the grid lines as a guide.

Purchasing pre-cut yarn can save time, but if you don’t have access or budget to purchase pre-cut yarn, any sturdy yarn can be used. You’ll just need to make a template and start cutting. I’ve linked to a handy yarn cutting template in my roundup.

If you’re itching to dabble with a new craft, I think latch hook may just be what you are looking for!

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Latch Hook Kits, Patterns & Latch Hook Supplies

Get started on your latch hook project with this selection of cool latch hook kits, downloadable patterns and latch hook rug supplies. Whether you are keen to design your own latch hook rug project from scratch, or enjoy following a ready made design, there is something here I'm sure you will find useful.

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