Let’s Make Scrap Yarn Pom Poms

Pom poms are so easy to make, and a great way of using up leftover yarn scraps from knitting and crochet projects. Because they are made of random scraps, each scrap yarn pom pom is unique!

how to make pom poms with scrap yarn

I’m always looking for new and innovative ways to use up yarn scraps. As every knitter and crocheter knows, there are always little bits of leftover yarn that accumulate after a few projects.

I don’t like craft materials going to waste so when I have scraps that are just too small for other scrap yarn project ideas like crochet washcloths or granny squares, I save them up and make pom poms!

hand holding a bunch of multicolored pom poms

In my personal opinion, you can never have too many pom poms! Which is just as well, because I love making pom poms.

I’ve tried many different techniques and pom pom making gadgets, but that one that I prefer is a pom pom maker kit that I bought in Japan many years ago (and is still going strong). It makes perfect pom poms every time.

japanese pom pom maker

Of course you can use the old fashion way of making pom poms with cardboard circles, but this pom pom maker is much more robust.  I’ll never go back to cardboard doughnuts again.

You can find similar pom pom makers here:

ETSY – Japanese style Pom Pom maker

AMAZON (US) – Pom Pom making Kit

Leftover yarn pom poms are not only great for using up all those yarn scraps that were headed for the bin. They are a fun way to embellish and decorate so many things.

I personally love to use pom poms for gift wrapping in place of a ribbon or bow.

Pom pom gift box

Scroll down to the bottom of this post for lots more pom pom craft ideas.

Got a heap of leftover yarn? Try these scrap yarn projects:

Let’s make Pom Poms from leftover yarn scraps

how to make scrap yarn pom poms

Acrylic, wool or cotton yarn scraps will work fine for this project. You can even try mixing different yarn textures or weights, for some really fun results.

Kids will enjoy the surprise of seeing how their colourful scrap pom pom will turn out once it’s cut open. You can’t always predict the final result when you are wrapping the yarn.

You will need:

Use your scraps of yarn to make pom poms

  • pom pom maker – this style is my favourite
  • yarn scraps
  • scissors

How to make scrap yarn pom poms:

collection of yarn scraps

1. Gather your yarn scraps. No piece is too small. You can group colours together if you prefer making pom poms in tonal colours.

wrapping yarn around a pom pom maker

2. Using your favourite style of pom pom maker, start wrapping short ends of yarn, keeping tails facing outwards.

Get easy step-by-step instructions for how to use a pom pom maker here

Pom pom maker fully wrapped with leftover yarn scraps

3. Fully wrap your pom pom maker with all your scraps of yarn. The more you wrap, the fuller and denser your pom pom will be.

Keep similar yarn colours bunched together when wrapping for a splotchy pattern design. Mix the yarn strands up more if you prefer confetti speckled pom pom.

how to make a pom pom

4. Use sharp scissors to cut around the outside of the ring, your scissor will fit inside the groove. If you are using a different style of pom pom maker, follow manufacturers instructions for this and following steps.

how to make a pom pom steps

5. Take a length of yarn and slip it through the gap of the two rings, tie off firmly.

untrimmed pom pom

6. Remove Pom Pom maker. The pom pom looks quite shaggy and uneven at this stage. Trimming makes all the difference.

how to trim a pom pom

7. Using sharp scissors, gently trim off excess yarn giving the pom pom a rounded shape. The more you trim, the denser and more compact your finished pom pom will end up.

how to trim a pom pom

Tip: If you are having trouble trimming the pom pom evenly, try sandwiching it in between the two sides of the pom pom maker (or 2 circular pieces of cardboard) and using the round shape as a guide.

Finished pom pom made from leftover yarn scraps

All done! Look at this cheerful pom pom made with just a few scraps of yarn.

Because pom pom making is addictive, I couldn’t resist making a few more scrappy yarn pom poms.

I wonder what this scrap yarn pom pom will look like?

Pom pom maker fully wrapped with leftover yarn scraps

two pom poms made with scrap yarn

Here are several easy pompom crafts that you can make with your pompoms:

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