Pom Pom Craft: Pompom Bag Charm & Key Ring

A little while ago I few to Sydney to film a crafty Facebook Live video with Spotlight and Woman’s Day as part of Craft Month. It was my presenting debut, and although I was initially a little apprehensive, it turned out great!

The thirty minute segment was all about Pom Poms, how to make them, and how to use them.
It specifically covered the following:

  • 3 Ways to make Pom Poms (1:53)
  • How to make a Pom Pom Bag Charm and Key Ring (15:15)
  • Incorporating Pom Poms into your home decor (22:40)

You can watch the full video on facebook or just below. The video and audio quality isn’t fantastic – the downsides of fb live, but you can see everything clearly enough.

How to make a Pompom bag charm - mypoppet.com.au

So today I wanted to share in one of the projects featured in the video segment, How to make a Pompom Bag Charm. I’ve added a few nice clear photos and written instructions, as well as included where to find the extra tips and information in the video.

I love a good pom pom, and these bag charms are a colourful way to add some personality to a boring bag, clutch or basket. You can also clip them onto your keys and use them as a key chain, I guarantee you’ll never lose your keys at the bottom of your bag again!

You will need:

pom pom bag charm diy supplies

  • pom pom maker
  • cotton yarn
  • self-striping yarn
  • lobster clip
  • crochet hook
  • wooden beads
  • embroidery floss
  • scissors
  • yarn needle (not pictured)

How to make a Pom Pom Bag Charm with Tassle

How to make a pom pom - mypoppet.com.au

1/ First you need to make your pompoms, I’ve used a little pom pom making gadget and made 2 large ones and 2 smaller ones. You can watch the instructions here where I show you the trick to making multi-coloured pom poms with self-striping yarn and how to trim them – WATCH HERE start at (1:50)

chain crochet cord

For the following stages you can refer to the video from (15:15) – WATCH HERE

2/ Holding 2 yarns together (black and white) crochet a 20cm cord with a basic chain stitch, leave a 20cm yarn tail at the beginning and end of cord.

make a pom pom keyring

3/ Onto each yarn tail thread on a few wooden beads and 2 pom poms using a yarn/tapestry needle.

Make a tassel

4/ Make a tassel and secure it to each end. Refer to video (20:00) or instructions here – How to make a yarn tassel
5/ Secure the cord to the key chain like this:

pom pom key chain diy

Thread the cord through the D shape section of the lobster clip

Pull the loop through and place it over the clip

how to make a key ring chain

Secure the cord by pulling the loop tight

6/ Clip the bag charm onto your favourite bag and you’re set to go!

How to make a pom pom bag charm

pom-pom keychain charm

These would make a great gift for a friend who has everything! Personalise it any colour you like.

Now go forth and POM POM !

All the supplies for this project are available at Spotlight


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