How to make a Mini Felt Hot Dog Brooch

Make a cute felt Hot Dog Brooch that looks good enough to eat! Made from a few scraps of felt, this mini hot dog pin is a fun way to add personality to any outfit.

Hands sewing a mini felt hot dog and example of finished felt hot dog craft

If you’re a foodie, with a particular passion for hot dogs, you can quite literally wear your love of hot dogs on your sleeve, cardigan, or hat, for everyone to admire.

I’ve shared my very special recipe for sewing a miniature felt hot dog, which can be adapted to wear as a brooch, or to enjoy as mini felt play food.

This felt hot dog tutorial is a lovely little side project for people with a any level of sewing skills – Whether you’re new to sewing, or you’re an advanced sewer, this little felt fast food project is super fun to make.

If you enjoy this project and want to make more miniature felt food pieces, I recommend taking a gander at the following tutorials to round out your miniature foodie collection.

felt french fries and hamburger brooch

More mini felt fast food:

small fast fast food made of felt - hot dog and french fries

Your taste buds will salivate for this delicious wearable Mini Felt Hot Dog

One of the neat things about making miniatures is just how cost effective they are in terms of materials. Often miniature pieces can be made from the scrap fabric leftover from previous craft projects.

Optional: For Step 9 we are hand stitching a pre-cut piece of mustard into position. As an alternative you may wish to use a needle felting technique to attach the mustard sauce instead.

For more information about needle felting I recommend taking a look at this post explaining how needle felting works.

You will need:

  • Felt: beige, white, red and mustard yellow
  • Hobby fill
  • Thread: beige, red
  • Scissors: paper, fabric
  • Needle
  • Brooch back or safety pin
  • Pen
  • Dressmakers pins
  • Measuring tape
  • Haemostat or chopstick
  • Hot glue gun
  • Thread ripper

small felt hot dog brooch and felt fries brooch in a display box

How to:

Making the felt hot dog bun

1. Print the template page at 100% and cut out the pattern pieces.

2. Trace pattern pieces onto felt as per the colours references on each piece (E.g., beige, white, red and yellow). Then cut out the felt pieces with fabric scissors.

how to trace pattern to make a mini felt hot dog

3. Fold the hot dog roll interior (white) piece in half lengthwise. Stitch closely (with a running stitch) along the fold – this will make the piece appear to be a bound book.

4. Sew closed the four individual darts on the hot dog roll exterior (beige) piece, using a blanket stitch. Make the stitches quite small.

5. Sew a running stitch 2-3 mm from the edge of the hot dog roll exterior. Pull on the thread gathering the felt so that the outside edge is the same measurement as the interior piece – use a measuring tape to check proportions). Move the gathers around so that the long edges are straight, and the rest is gathered (E.g., the darts and marked half point (see reference marker).

6. Pin the exterior and interior pieces together, in a V formation. Blanket stitch the exterior and interior pieces together, leaving a 1 cm gap.

7. Stuff the hot dog roll with hobby fill. Then close the gap with a blanket stitch. You have now made a hot dog roll, partially sliced open. 

8. Remove the gathering thread using a thread ripper.

Making the sausage

9. Place the mustard sauce piece centrally over the sausage piece. Stitch the pieces together along the edge of the mustard sauce.

Alternatively, you may wish to use the needle felting technique to attach the mustard sauce to the body of the sausage piece. 

10. Fold the sausage (red) piece in half lengthwise. Blanket stitch closed the long edge.

11. Stuff the sausage with hobby fill. Using a hemostat or chop stick to push the stuffing in evenly is helpful.

12. Close the sausage with a few criss-crossing stitches that pull the ends closed.

How to attach the roll and sausage

13. Sew beige thread into a darted corner of the roll. Place the sausage in the middle of the hot dog roll. Remember that the sausage is parallel with the binding line of the roll.

14. Sew thread through the sausage end. Sew thread into corner dart on the other side of the sausage. Passing over the sausage sew thread into the starting dart. Pull the thread tight, pulling the hot dog roll and sausage end snugly together. Tie a knot in the thread to close. Repeat this step with the other end of the hot dog.

15. Stitch a brooch or safety pin to the back of the hot dog.

All done! Enjoy wearing your new mini hot dog brooch.

mini felt hot dog with mustard

Here it is with a side of mini felt french fries. So cute!

mini felt hot dog and fries

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  • patricia welch says:

    This is the cutest little pin ever. I am sure every person you run across in a day will comment on it. Thanks for the pattern and instructions. BTW…I love all the cute mini food! Keep coming up with ideas!

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