Book Review: How to Make Pom Poms Japanese Craft Book

It seems everyone is going mad for pom poms lately! I can’t blame them, pom poms are fun to make, super versatile and allow for lots of creativity.  One of my most visited blog posts is How to make fluffy pom poms.

In today’s book review post I’ll be sharing a much treasured Japanese craft book from my own collection. Purchased on my first trip to Japan over 7 years ago (along with my favourite pom pom maker), it’s provided me with much inspiration over that time.

How to make pom poms craft book review -

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It’s common to see colourful patterned pom poms shaped like fruit or animals now, but in 2011, this book blew my mind as to the creative possibilities of pom pom craft.

I believe the title in Japanese is ‘Katan sutekina ponpon-dzukuri’ which was translated by a Japanese speaking friend to “Simple and Lovely Pompom Making”, so whimsical! I don’t know who the author is, (please leave me a comment if you can help with that one).

Later I discovered another cover with cute graphics hiding under the dust cover with an English title – How to make Pom Poms, so I’m going with that for now.

How to make pom poms book review -

The book is written in Japanese, but like all good Japanese craft books, it has very clear illustrated instructions that are very easy to follow.

I’ve made a little video flicking through all the pages so you can get an idea of how the book is laid out. It’s at the top of this post just in case you missed it.

A look inside How to make Pom Poms – Japanese Craft Book

The front half of the book is photos of all the pom pom projects used in different ways. There are some great ideas here for decorative uses of pom poms.

I’ve photographed some of my favourite pages so you can have a good look.

How to make pom poms craft book review -

How to make pom poms craft book review -

Some great ideas here for decorative pom pom Christmas Baubles. I love the addition of little velvet bows to make the ornaments even more festive.

Any of the pom pom designs in the book would work great as Christmas ornaments.

Chritmas pom poms How to make pom poms craft book review -

As you can see the pom poms are very cleverly designed to create patterns depending on how the yarn is wrapped.

How to make pom poms craft book review -

Towards the back of the book are very clear instructions for making each pom pom design with either a small piece of cardboard or a pom pom maker.

I’m not sure what kind of information is explained in the written instructions, but as you can see, the step-by-step pictures are very clear.

How to make pom poms craft book review -

Once you’ve mastered the basic designs, there are many more complex designs to try. Each pattern is colour coded with the number of wraps required of each yarn.

I thought I’d have a go at one of the simpler designs using my pom pom making kit, that I purchased in Japan on that same visit.

How to make pom poms craft book review -

It really makes pom pom making very quick and simple, I’ll never go back to cardboard doughnuts again.

You can find similar pom pom makers here:

ETSY – Japanese style Pom Pom maker

AMAZON (US) – Pom Pom making Kit

Read my tutorial for How to use a Pom Pom maker

How to make a Flower Pom Pom

How to make pom poms craft book review -

You will need:

  • Yarn (thinner yarn is best) – I’d recommend sock or sport weight, 4ply or 5 ply
  • Pom Pom maker – or your preferred method
  • Sharp scissors

How to:

1. I followed the wrapping instructions in the book as best as I could. Next time I’ll try with thinner yarn. I think my yarn was a little too thick because I couldn’t get the full amount of wraps to fit into my pom pom maker.

This time I used DK and worsted (8ply & 10ply) which was too thick I think.

Using thinner yarn also gives you better definition of the pattern.

How to make pom poms craft book review -

2. It’s interesting to note how the yarn is placed in relation to the finished design. Once you get the hang of the basic technique I think it would be very easy to create your own designs.

The key to making any design is starting from the middle and working outwards.

How to make a flower design inside a pom pom -

3. Once the yarn is wrapped, it’s my favourite part – cutting to reveal the pattern. It’s very exciting to see if your pom pom pattern has worked or not.

How to make pom poms craft book review -

4. Success! All that’s required now is a bit of a trim to shape the pom pom into a neat ball.

How to make pom poms craft book review -

How to make pom poms craft book review -

So pretty. This flower design looks really effective, I’m very pleased with the result.

How to make a flower pom pom -

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Where can I buy the book How to make Pom Poms?

You want your own copy of this book now don’t you? Well apart from flying to Japan there are a few limited places where I’ve seen both Japanese versions (and possibly translated English versions) available.

How to make pom poms craft book review -

I’ve scoured the web and came up with these buying options, and have also linked to related titles that you may enjoy.

Japanese Version – How to make Pom Poms Book – Amazon (US)

English Translation (I think) – Make your own Cute and Easy Pom Poms – Book Depository Free Shipping

Now go forth and POM POM!

How to make pom poms craft book review -


How to make pom poms craft book review -

How to make a flower pom pom -


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