Free Printable: Kewpie Poster

Kewpie doll poster pom pom
I have really been enjoying flexing my creative photoshop muscles of late. Attending a class several months ago really gave me a solid grounding to start from, and I feel like my skills are improving everyday. I have a huge collection of images accumulated from the thousands of photos I shoot of products and tutorials, and with my newly acquired skills, I love that I can create digital collages and recycle them into new artworks. I even digitally collaged the image above!

Earlier this week I put a call out on the facebook page asking if you guys would like me to create a poster or some book labels. The poster votes won, so here you are. I know you all like Kewpies.
Download link after the break…


Kewpie doll poster

Designed to be printed in A4 size, just click on the link below and save to your computer.
——->Get the Hi Res version here <——–

Hope you enjoy it.

Just a little note: This printable is for personal use only, please do not resell this printable or items made with it.
Feel free share this on your own blog but make sure you link back to this post (not the printable image link), thanks for understanding.

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