Giant Hamburger Postcard

Make a giant hamburger postcard
I’ve been having an awesome time sending ‘snail mail’ to a heap of new pen pals in the last few weeks. Writings words on paper seems much more tangible than this virtual world I seem to inhabit sometimes. Creating something for no other reason than to make someone happy has helped me out of a creative rut that has slowly snuck up on me without my noticing.
But as much as I’m enjoying the standard envelope and note paper scenario, I wanted to post something that reflects my quirky personality. Yes, a giant hamburger! And why not, it’s within the size limit of an Australia Post large letter so it will get anywhere domestically with just two stamps. I wish I could see the postman’s face when he (or she) delivers this.
Giant postcard making is a fun kids craft activity too, and you probably already have all the supplies at hand. Read on to see how Emma and I spent a fun afternoon…

paint and paintbrush

You will need:

Corrugated cardboard
Acrylic paint & Brushes
Scissors or craft knife
Green tissue paper (optional)
Paper & paste (optional)
Pen & Postage stamps

How to:

how to make a giant hamburger postcard
1. Mark the maximum allowable size of a large letter (in Australia it’s 26 x 36 cm and needs to be thinner than 2cm). Anything larger will be considered a parcel and postage rates will jump significantly.
2. Sketch out a hamburger shape, or anything you’d like to draw.
3. Paint, paint paint. Block in the bigger areas first and allow to dry before you add details.
4. Don’t forget the sesame seeds.
painting a giant hamburger
Emma did a great job with her burger, and really enjoyed sharing this project with me.
add lettuce to your burger
If you want to add some extra salad to your hamburger, you can stick on some green tissue paper like Emma has.
giant painted hamburgers on cardboard.
Here are our finished hamburgers drying. I got a little carried away and painted three. It’s been a long time since I’ve done any artistic painting (since high school actually) and really found my groove.
giant hamburger post card
5. Once paint is dry, cut out your hamburger shape.
giant hamburger post card
6. (optional) If the cardboard back has printing on it, glue on a sheet of paper to the back.
7. Now it’s time to write your message.
Emma sent her’s to friends from kinder that she’s missed during the school holidays. I bet they’ll be surprised when they find a hamburger in their mailbox!
giant hamburger post card
I can’t begin to tell you how delighted Emma and I were making these, who knew that a cardboard hamburger could make you so happy. Three were posted and she requested one to decorate her room with.
Giant Hamburger Postcard
8. All that’s left to do is mail off your hamburger and hope the postie doesn’t get peckish and eat it on his delivery route. LoL
Send a hamburger in the mail

I’m definitely going to have more fun with my snail mail from now on. What will I post next?
giant hamburger post card


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