Giant Stamp Postcard with Printables

Stamp Collecting Month - Make a giant stamp postcard

‘Brought to you by Australia Post’

You all know how much I enjoy making and sending large quirky mail. I’ve made Giant Hamburger Postcards, Big Ice-cream Cone and Airmail envelopes, and even packages that look like fruit slices!

So when Australia Post asked me to talk about ‘Stamp Collecting Month’, I knew I had to make something fun and maybe a little meta – A Giant Stamp Postcard.

Every year for Stamp Collecting Month, Australia Post selects a theme in line with primary school curriculum areas such as history, geography, science, technology and the environment.

This year’s theme is Endangered Wildlife. It’s a great conversation starter and gives students and teachers across the country the opportunity to learn more about some of the earth’s unique and varied endangered wildlife creatures.

Stamp Collecting Month - Make a giant stamp postcard

I’ve chosen my three favourite stamps from the Endangered Wildlife collection and made printable colouring pages that kids can either incorporate into larger projects, or turn into a giant postcard to send to a friend.

All kids love receiving mail, and young stamp collectors in particular will enjoy receiving a giant stamp postcard.
I’ve even created a blank stamp so kids can design their own, and a postcard backing page for easy message writing and addressing.

Make a Giant Stamp Postcard

Stamp Collecting Month - Make a giant stamp postcard

You will need:

Stamp Collecting Month - Make a giant stamp postcard

Free printable colouring pages - design your own stamp - postcard back free printable - educational resource Endangered Wildlife project

How to:

  1. Print out front and back PDF pages for postcard onto A4 paper
  2. Colour in stamp colouring page as desired, you can use the stamps for reference, or get creative and colourful with your own design.
  3. Write a message on the back postcard page, it can be about anything you like, but why not include some information about the endangered animal featured. Like for example: “Did you know that in autumn 2016, fewer than 50 Orange-bellied Parrot were known to be alive in the wild.”
  4. Add the receivers address and don’t forget to include the post code.
  5. Glue on the front and back postcard pages to the cardboard.
  6. Add your stamps – 2 x $1 stamps will get your postcard anywhere in Australia.
  7. Go for a nice walk to your nearest letterbox and post it!

Free postcard back printable - Stamp Collecting Month - Make a giant stamp postcard

Stamp Collecting Month - Make a giant stamp postcard

Here Emma has chosen to design her own stamp based on some of the animals featured in the endangered wildlife stamp collection.

Stamp Collecting Month - Make a giant stamp postcard

More about ‘Endangered Wildlife’ stamps and Stamp Collecting Month

This year’s collectable stamp issue focuses on animals at risk of extinction. The stamps feature the Snow Leopard, Asian Elephant, Western Lowland Gorilla, Western Swamp Tortoise, Orange-bellied Parrot, Northern Quoll and the Southern Corroboree Frog.

Stamp Collecting Month is also supported by a dedicated online education resource for teachers, parents and students. The website includes information and facts on each animal featured, as well as lesson ideas and activities, stamp images and much more.

For more information on Stamp Collecting Month and this year’s Endangered Wildlife issue, including educational activities, visit the website:

Stamp Collecting Month - Make a giant stamp postcard

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