The Daily Drawing Project – Making a Reference Library

So you’ve started The Daily Drawing Project, and it’s been therapeutic.

Now you want to sink your teeth further into that deliciously drawn sandwich. In which case, I’ve got some practical exercises lined up for you, which will help you polish your drawing skills and help you on your ‘learn to draw’ journey.

Exercise One – Making a Reference Library

Take down the ‘no junk mail’ sign off your letterbox and start hoarding those catalogues.

Okay, now what? Now, you are going to make a reference library of images. Basically you’re going to cut out the catalogue images that appeal to you and scrapbook them. The scrapbook can be a cheap exercise book from your local budget shop.

Make an illustration reference library.

Once you’ve got your book, divide it into topics. Such as landscapes, people, fashion, food, alpacas, or anything that you’re interested in drawing.

Now get started with your cutting and gluing, filling the pages of the scrapbook. Fun, right?

So why are we making a reference library? – Because, not everything can easily be visualised with the mind’s eye.

Learn to draw - daily exercise -

Having a Reference Library is a welcome resource, for any and all illustrators. Even the pros will tell you that they fall back on their reference libraries when they are stuck.

The junk mail catalogues are accessible resource for this drawing project.

You can cut out and keep your favourite images to make your very own reference library of images.

Want to Learn to Draw? Start here – Learn to Draw in Just 10 Minutes a Day

The Daily Drawing Project Bonus Exercises:

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