The Daily Drawing Project – Drawing Objects

How’s your daily drawing going? If you’ve stumbled onto this post by accident head back over and start here – Learn to Draw in Just 10 Minutes a Day

This simple doodling activity is fun for budding illustrators of all ages and will help improve how you draw objects. No special materials or skills required, just a big pile of shopping catalogues, old magazines or even the local newspaper will do.

You can start on this exercise concurrently with Exercise One – Making a Reference Library if you feel like it.

Exercise Two – Junk Mail Doodling or Learning to Draw Objects

Keep on collecting the junk mail, not just for your reference library, but also for some fun doodling action.

Grab a pen (marker or ball point), sit down with the junk mail and begin… defacing!

Just kidding! But you are going to draw over the objects in the photos (ie. plants, furniture, etc). You are creating an outline of those objects.

Learn to Draw objects - Junk mail doodling -

This copying exercise helps you grow as an illustrator. If you do this exercise often enough you will develop a steadier hand, build on muscle memory.

Take note of the minimum lines required to make an object recognisable.

You will also improve on drawing dimensions when you later draw the same objects freehand.

Want to Learn to Draw? Start here – Learn to Draw in Just 10 Minutes a Day

The Daily Drawing Project Bonus Exercises:

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