Bernat Baby Velvet Yarn – Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

There’s a new velvet yarn in town – Bernat Baby Velvet, a new 8ply yarn that is super soft to touch and is perfect for making crochet blankets.

2 balls of yarn Bernat Baby Velvet yarn reveiw -

This Bernat Baby Velvet yarn review and free Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern is a collaboration with American Yarns

As soon as the new range hit the shelves at American Yarns HQ, I popped in and picked a up a couple of balls to give it a try.

I made Emma a cardigan with the original Bernat Velvet yarn a few months ago, and after a few initial hiccups, it turned out really well. She loves it, and has been wearing it all winter long.

After knowing what to expect in regards to ‘worming’ with velvet yarns, I didn’t have any issues with this blanket project – picking the right stitches and hook size makes all the difference.

2 balls of yarn Bernat Baby Velvet yarn reveiw -

Bernat Baby Velvet is an 8ply DK weight yarn, slightly finer than the original Bernat Velvet which is more of a 10ply worsted weight yarn.

I actually prefer it to the original, as a 5mm hook makes the perfect weight fabric, not too heavy for garments or blankets, and still holds a nice drape.

blanket with grey baby shoes on top

The colour range is mainly limited to pastels and neutrals, apart from this popping yellow (Joyful Gold), which I couldn’t resist.

Skip to the bottom of the post for my Bernat Baby Velvet Yarn Review final thoughts.

Bumble Stripes Baby Blanket – Pram Blanket Crochet Pattern

Crochet baby blanket

After making a cardigan on my last velvet yarn project, I thought it would be fun to make a baby blanket this time. The yarn is called Bernat BABY Velvet after all!

Pram blankets make a great gift for any newborn, and I’ve designed this one to be a unisex style, which is super handy if you don’t know the baby’s gender ahead of time.

Bernat Baby velvet yarn review - Crochet baby blanket pattern

I actually crocheted quite a lot of this blanket while waiting for Emma to have her tutoring lessons at our local library. Adorably, on two separate occasions, I had small children wander up and watch as I was crocheting. They couldn’t resist stroking the blanket and fuzzy yarn, and were quite delighted when I let them have a squeeze of the squishy yarn ball.

I’m sure a child of any age would love to receive a Bernat Baby Velvet blanket as a gift, if the response from my library blanket admirers is anything to go by.

I’ve named this crochet baby blanket pattern, ‘Bumble Stripes’ because the fuzziness of the yarn kind of reminds me of a cute little bumble bee’s backside.

Bernat Baby velvet yarn review - Crochet baby blanket pattern

The yellow stripes really pop against the soft grey, and I’ve used an easy front post crochet stitch to give the stripes extra dimension.

The FPhdc stitch is what gives this blanket the raised ridged rows.

This baby blanket was made with under 3 balls of Bernat Baby Velvet. If you used just one colour, you could probably squeeze it out with just 2 balls (depending on your tension).

The pattern is quite easy to follow, you won’t need to refer to it at all once you set up the first few rows.

Bernat Baby velvet yarn review - Crochet baby blanket pattern

Because the yarn is quite difficult to read (it’s hard to differentiate the stitches), I’ve worked the stitches into the gaps of the previous row instead of the top of each stitch.

Finished size (unblocked): length 104cm (41″), width 80cm (31.5″)

Bernat Baby velvet yarn review - Crochet baby blanket pattern

To make this Crochet Pram Blanket

You will need:

Crochet Stitches used (US terminology):

  • Ch – chain
  • Sc – single crochet
  • hdc – half double crochet
  • FPhdc – front post half double crochet

Note about FPhdc – Insert hook around post on row below, the hook goes from front, around the back of stitch post and pops out at the front again. Do a hdc stitch as normal. Will form a ridge behind the stitch.

Bernat Baby velvet yarn review - Crochet baby blanket pattern

Crochet Pram Blanket Pattern instructions:

Worked flat back and forth. Turn after each row. First 2 ch in each row counts as 1 hdc.

All hdc stitches are worked into gap between stitches on previous row – NOT top of stitches.

Set up row grey yarn –  Make a chain 80cm (31.5″) long + 2 ch stitches

R1 – work 1 hdc into 3rd stitch in chain, then work 96 hdc around chain (not into chain stitches). Slide them along chain so they are evenly spread and reach the end of the chain. Work 1 hdc into the last stitch of the chain to secure. (98 st)

R2 – ch 2 turn, into the gaps between the stitches, work one hdc into each gap to the end. (98 st)

R3 + R4 – repeat Row 2, drop grey yarn

R5 – Change to yellow yarn – repeat Row 2

R6 – ch 2 turn, work one FPhdc around each stitch in previous row (except for the first one). drop yellow yarn (98 st)

Run yarn up sides of blanket.

Bernat Baby velvet yarn review - Crochet baby blanket pattern

Make 4 rows of grey Row 2 x 4 times, and then 2 rows of yellow Row 5 + Row 6.

Repeat this pattern of 4 grey and 2 yellow until you have 20 yellow stripes. Finish with 4 rows of grey, then break off grey yarn.

Border: With yellow yarn, sc 3 times around the whole blanket. For the initial border row, make one sc stitch into each hdc gap on top and bottom sides of blanket, and one sc stitch over the edge stitch in each row. On the corners, make 3sc into each corner stitch on every round.

To finish – break off yarn and weave in ends.

Bernat Baby velvet yarn review - Crochet baby blanket pattern

I hope that pattern makes sense. It’s really quite easy once you get started.

Please do enjoy this free crochet pattern – Tag me on Instagram @mypoppetmakes if you make your own, I’d love to see it.

Feel free to leave any questions or queries in the comment section below and I’ll answer as soon as practicable.

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Bernat Baby velvet yarn review - Crochet pram blanket pattern

Bernat Baby Velvet Yarn Review – The Final Verdict

It you are using Bernat Baby Velvet for the first time, you may find it a little frustrating. But as long as you choose a pattern that suits the yarn, I think you’ll be a convert.

Here’s what I like and don’t like:


  • Silky soft to touch
  • Large balls go forever
  • Feels lovely to work with and easy to crochet
  • Looks luxurious
  • Nice weight for blankets
  • Good drape with 5mm hook


  • Tendency to ‘Worm’
  • Stitches are hard to read
  • Requires hand washing
  • Mainly pastel colours in the range
  • Encountered several knots per ball
  • Hard to weave in ends
  • Yarn ends shed fibre

Increasingly I’m coming around to the idea of using fuzzy yarns, I never thought I’d become a fan, but I actually really enjoyed making this baby blanket. The more I crochet with velvet yarns, the more I enjoy making things with them. Bernat Baby Velvet is the kind of yarn that starts to grow on you, once you work out its idiosyncrasies.

Bernat Baby Velvet yarn is available from



  • Deborah Poole says:

    Hello Cintia, I just love this pattern. I also happen to have some balls of Baby Velvet so I’m excited about getting started. I just have one question about row 1. I’ve never seen anything started with a chain and then the first row stitched around the chain instead of into it. I’m sure there’s an excellent reason for how you’re doing it in the pattern and I was wondering if you could explain?
    Thank you in advance for helping me learn more about crochet!

    • Thanks for your question. This is one of the first times I’ve done it and I think I will use this method from now on.
      I have 2 reasons for using this method.
      1. The velvet yarn is very fuzzy and it is quite hard to see the individual stitches, so stitching around the chain is much easier. (I hate stitching into the chain)
      2. If the chain isn’t lose enough, the starting edge of the blanket ends up shorter than the top edge. This yarn has a lot of drape so the stitches tend to stretch. Making the chain length the final finished width of the blanket ensures the shape is a nice rectangle regardless of stitch tension. You can just slide the stitches along to make the first row even.
      I hope this explains my reasons. I think I will write a blog post about it when I find some time.

  • Katie says:

    Can this be adjusted to a larger size? 120cm so 147 hdcs?

    I appreciate your input!

  • Reenie Jaramillo says:

    Hi, I’m making a shawl with the regular velvet yarn. Now I ’m twisting the worms and sewing them down.

    Am really thinking of putting it in the dryer hoping that it would shrink the worms. I know I’m not supposed to. What will happen to the yarn if I do? Thanks.

    • I think the drier would create more friction and pull even more worms out. This is a synthetic yarn so heat will not shrink the yarn, probably on a low heat it will fluff up the yarn but not help with the worming situation in a positive way.

  • Reenie Jaramillo says:

    Thank you. I will continue sewing down the worms. At least the thread doesn’t show.

    It will be a lovely prayer shawl.

  • DK says:

    Thanks for this pattern. I’m a bit confused by the very first row! What does “work 96 hdc around chain (not into chain stitches).” Does this mean you’re working in the back bumps of the foundation chain. I also don’t understand “Slide them along chain so they are evenly spread and reach the end of the chain.” Now I remember why I stopped crocheting and started knitting. I always found the pattern instruction confusing, lol. I have a ball of this yarn and I’d like to use it. I searched for a youtube instruction on this, but there wasn’t any. I know how to hdc and I understand around the post, but this first part…. Also, am I chaining 98 stitches in the foundation?

    Thanks much!

  • Reenie Jaramillo says:

    Just a note here~Don’t mean to sound negative~I have found that velvet yarn makes “worms.” Loops on the back side of what you are crocheting even if you are careful with your tension. It would be good to check every row.
    Happy crocheting, that yarn is gorgeous!

  • Reenie Jaramillo says:

    P. S. Didn’t remember that I had posted before. 🙄

  • Janice says:

    I love your pattern and will be trying it next. Just wondering if you have the wrappers of the yarn that you show in the pictures. I started the blanket on the wrapper and have lost the wrapper. If you still have the wrapper, is it possible eto send me the pattern? I am hunting and haven’t had any luck finding it on the yarnspirations web site.

    • Hi Janice, sorry I threw those out a while ago. I had a look on line, and you are right, nowhere to be found. All I can suggest is emailing Bernat Yarn customer service, they may be able to help you.

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