Blythe Stylin’ – Perty gets a Kimono

I couldn’t resist making Perty a kimono, especially after picking up these adorable Blythe sized Geta sandals and Tabi sock combo (Japanese flip flops with special toe socks) from Junie Moon in Tokyo. It’s technically a Yukata as it is made of cotton for informal wear.
I used some of my fabric scraps, and fittingly, I think the fabric I used for the kimono was a vintage Japanese cotton. I love using my scraps for making dolls clothes.
This was the pattern I based it on, but I had to modify the back and neckline as the back was a little narrow. The measurements were a bit hard to read so I just improvised. It’s not an accurate reproduction as ladies’ kimonos have open sleeves under the arms (men have closed sleeves, aren’t I a fountain of knowledge! ).
I’m particularly pleased at how cute her little Obi sash looks, fastened with velcro to make dressing a little easier.
What do you think, cute yes?



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