Candy Stripe Crochet Blanket Pattern

This crochet Candy Stripe Blanket is a festive handmade gift that can be enjoyed for years to come. Don’t relegate this pattern just to Christmas time – Change up the colours!  With this corner-to-corner design’s adaptable sizing, it is sure to become your ‘go to’ blanket crochet pattern.

Candy Stripe Crochet Baby Blanket

This yarn review and free Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern is a collaboration with American Yarns

I’m slightly hooked on Corner-to-Corner crochet at the moment. After making a big batch of Scrap yarn c2c blankets with a classic boxy stitch style, I thought I’d try a different c2c method, and discovered Corner-to-Corner Moss Stitch.

Moss stitch (also known as linen stitch), is a super easy combination of single crochet and chain stitches. I used it here when I made this Planned Pooling Crochet Bag.

The beauty of starting in the corner is that you don’t have to make a tediously long foundation chain, or even decide on the final size of your finished project.

You can increase the size of the blanket as you go, and when you think it’s big enough, just start decreasing.

Diagonal stripe baby blanket crochet pattern

Even though I don’t have a baby, or know any expectant mothers, I do love crocheting baby blankets. Their compact size makes for a quick project which allows me to experiment with different designs and yarns.

I usually donate my finished blankets to a local family charity, so I know they are going to someone who will appreciate them.

Candy stripes crochet blanket hanging on a ladder

This festive candy cane stripe design was inspired by a brand new yarn range from American Yarns – Caron Simply Soft Speckle. The colours in this warm pink and red colourway called ‘Chili Flakes’ is very reminiscent of Christmas candy.

Caron simply soft speckle

I instantly fell for the cheerful speckled flecks, which I suspect were inspired by the growing trend in hand dyed speckled yarns. It reminded me of confetti or candy sprinkles.

Each yarn is speckled with a variety of complementary colours, which makes them easy to combine with a solid contrasting yarn.

I’m not a huge fan of variegated yarn en masse, and prefer to break up the busyness with a solid yarn. In this case I chose Autumn Red from the Caron Simply Soft solids range – which comes in a huge array of colours.

caron simply soft yarn colour combination

The warm red picks up the dark speckles in the patterned yarn perfectly.

Once I knew I’d be using a red and pink stripe combination, the diagonal stripe design was a natural fit!

About Caron Simply Soft Speckle Yarn

Caron Simply Soft Speckle is a new addition to the popular Simply soft range. Made from 100% washable premium acrylic fiber, this yarn is versatile and budget friendly.

This 10ply yarn available in 8 speckled shades. Dye lotted

Available in 141g, 25m balls. Note that this is smaller than the solids range which is 170g/288m

Recommended hook/needle size is 5mm

The speckles appear random on the ball, but are actually a printed design (like a variegated yarn), which may lead to pooling in some projects. Keep this in mind when choosing a pattern.

A pleasant yarn to crochet with, (I haven’t tried knitting with it yet). Has a slightly silky sheen and is very soft to the touch, making it suitable for garments and baby blankets.

So many creative possibilities!

If you don’t fancy a red and pink striped blanket, some other combinations I’d suggest are:

Caron simply soft speckle solid color combinations

I’m really keen to use other colour combinations in the speckle yarn range. I think this very affordable yarn could add a bit of fun to any project.

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Candy Stripes Baby Blanket – Pram Blanket Crochet Pattern

Candy stripes crochet blanket hanging on a ladder

Crochet this Candy Stripe blanket as a gift, of make one for yourself. This pattern is a classic, and I guarantee it will become a favourite. 

Its diagonal stripes and the interlocking zig zag stitches make it look much more complicated than it really is. Once you get going, you won’t even need to look at the pattern.

diagonal corner to corner moss stitch crochet

I’ve made this baby blanket to suit a pram size, but you can increase it easily with the generic instructions I’ve included.

A simple single crochet border frames the graphic stripes nicely.

If you are substituting yarn, or making a larger version of this crochet blanket, you’ll need a ratio of around 3:2 light yarn to dark.

Candy stripe crochet blanket c2c moss stitch

To make this C2C Moss stitch Stripe Crochet Pram Blanket

Finished size (unblocked): length 95cm (37.5″), width 78cm (30.5″)

You will need:

Crochet Stitches used (US terminology):

  • Ch – chain
  • Sc – single crochet
  • hdc – half double crochet

c2c moss stitch blanket pattern

Candy Stripe Pram Blanket Pattern instructions:

This blanket crochet pattern is worked diagonally, flat back and forth in corner-to-corner moss stitch in 2 colours. Yarn is run up sides of blanket when changing colours, then covered by sc border.

If you have not worked with C2C moss stitch before, you will find this step-by-step photo tutorial helpful. There are also many video tutorials available on YouTube.

Gauge is not critical as you will determine the size of blanket by measurement (not by counting rows).

As a guide my gauge was 18st x 17 rows in (4″/10cm sq diagonally)

c2c crochet blanket sections

Pattern in broken up into 4 sections:

  • Section A – Increase on both sides
  • Section B – Decrease one side, Increase the other
  • Section C – Decrease on both sides
  • Border

Section A

Starting with Yarn A

To begin, ch 3.

Row 1: sc into the third chain from the hook. Ch 3 turn.

Row 2: *sc, ch 1, sc* into the ch 3 space. Ch 3, turn.

Row 3: *sc, ch 1* in the ch 1 space. *sc, ch 1, sc* in the ch 3 space. Ch 3, turn.

Rows 4: *sc, ch 1* in the first ch 1 space and in each ch 1 space across.*sc, ch 1, sc* in the ch 3 space at the end of the row.

Rows 5: *sc, ch 1* in the first ch 1 space and in each ch 1 space across.*sc, ch 1, sc* in the ch 3 space at the end of the row.

Change to colour B

Continue as per row 5 changing yarns in this order:

  • 2 rows Yarn B
  • 4 rows Yarn A

Float yarn up side of blanket making sure there is enough length in the float to allow for stretching.

Stipe crochet blanket pattern

Last row of Section A: Instead of the usual *sc, ch 1, sc* in the ch 2 space, you’ll work a *sc, hdc* (NO ch 1 space). This will create a cleaner corner – Place a stitch marker, this will be your decrease side

When edge of blanket measures 75cm (29.5″) or your desired width, move onto section B of pattern.

Section B

Skip this section if you prefer a square blanket

Remember to continue changing colours every 2 + 4 rows

Row 1: ch 2, Skip the first sc and hdc and work *sc, ch 1* into the first ch 1 space and in each ch 1 space across. At the end of the row, *sc, ch 1, sc* into the ch 3 space. Ch 3, turn.

Row 2: *sc, ch 1* in the first ch 1 space and in each ch 1 space across to the last ch 1 space. In the last ch 1 space of the row, sc (don’t ch 1) and then work just 1 sc into the ch 2 space. ch 2, turn.

Row 3: Skip the first two sc and work *sc, ch 1* into the first ch 1 space and in each ch 1 space across. At the end of the row, *sc, ch 1, sc* into the ch 3 space. Ch 3, turn.

Repeat row 2 & 3 – until the length of the decrease side measures 15cm (6″) – Or total (longest) side length = 90cm (35.5″) or your desired length.

To make sharp corner in the last row of section B, repeat last row of Section A, then ch 2.

Section C

All rows: Skip the first two stitches, *sc, ch 1* in the first ch 1 space and in each ch 1 space across to the last ch 1 space. In the last ch 1 space of the row, sc (don’t ch 1) and then work just 1 sc into the ch 2 space. ch 2, turn.

Second last row: sc in the first ch 1 space (do not ch 1 between), sc in the ch 2 space. Ch 1, turn.

Last row: sc in the ch 2 space.

If last row is Yarn B, continue to border, other wise cut yarn and weave in ends.


With Yarn B – sc 3 times around the whole blanket. For the initial border row, make one sc stitch into each row each side of blanket. On the corners, make 3sc into each corner stitch on every round.

Don’t make your stitch tension too tight, as the diagonal moss stitch creates a stretchy fabric and you want to allow some drape and movement.

Adjust your stitch length to accommodate for the width of the rows by extending the loop on the hook. You’ll be sc into the chain turns and sc stitches up sides alternatively. Use image below as a guide.

crochet blanket border

crochet blanket border

Mark your corner stitch with a stitch marker.

Crochet corner stitch marker

To finish – break off yarn and weave in ends. Block if desired.

I do hope that pattern makes sense. It’s really quite easy once you get started.

Please do enjoy this free stripe crochet blanket pattern – Tag me on Instagram @mypoppetmakes if you make your own, I’d love to see it.

Feel free to leave any questions or queries in the comment section below and I’ll answer as soon as practicable.

red and pink diagonal stripe blanket with candy canes

Caron Simply Soft yarn is available from

Stripe blanket crochet baby blanket

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