15 Crochet Heart Patterns to make this Valentine’s Day

“Crochet, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.”

Well actually, I have 15 ways you can express your true love of crochet, with this sweet collection of crochet patterns all featuring hearts!

Crochet heart patterns roundup

Perfect for Valentine’s Day crafting, or when you want to make something special for a special someone.

Not only is the heart the most iconic symbol of love; it’s simple graphic nature lends itself perfectly to all sorts of crochet projects.

It’s amazing how a crochet heart pattern motif can be adapted to make garlands, bags and even baskets. And it’s also perfect for grid and tapestry crochet designs.

Don’t limit yourself to just pink and red yarns. Add a bit of colour for year round enjoyment of your crochet heart projects.

15 Crochet Heart Patterns to make this Valentine's Day

Make these Valentine crochet patterns to celebrate the most romantic day of the year, and then enjoy your sweet heart crochet project all year round. I've rounded up 15 fun crochet patterns that feature hearts. Some are free, others are available to purchase as downloadable PDF files from Etsy sellers.

As an member of the Etsy affiliate program, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.
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  • Alex B says:

    Thanks for sharing all these beautiful ideas to crochet for Valentine’s Day, my favorite is the Hearts Clutch Tapestry Crochet Pattern, I will make it and I will use it all year round!

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