Emma Stylin’ – Stripes Ahoy!

Yes I know I’m half way around the world at the moment, but I just had to share these beautiful photos of Emma modeling her new stripey top. The sunshine in Melbourne last week was just too gorgeous to waste, so I thought a trip to the seaside would fit the nautical attire perfectly.

Emma had been hassling me for weeks about going to the beach, so we headed for Williamstown and had a lovely day in the sun. Even dipped our toes in the water a little bit too, it was cold!

Did I mention I made the top from some fabric remnants, you can read about how I made it here on MADE OF CLOTH.

I’m really pleased at how it turned out. I think I’ll be making more tops for her when I get home, it’s so hard to find a good striped tops for kids without logos or wacky over printing.

Yes those are my toes, I have since painted my toe nails Navy blue…



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