Fried Egg Earrings – An Eggcellent Idea!

DIY Fried Egg Earrings

I have a thing for fried eggs at the moment, not only are they super tasty, their bright graphic quality lends itself to fun decorative designs. After making Emma a Fried Egg Costume last year, I’ve been thinking about making another wearable version for myself.

I’m always looking out for interesting earrings with a vintage vibe, so when Frankie asked me to make a DIY for them, I had just the project – Fabulous Fried Egg Earrings!

These are super easy to make, I just put them together from a few items I already had laying about including a pair of op-shop earrings and some buttons. Get the full instructions here.

DIY fried egg earrings

Shooting myself wearing the final product was trickier than actually making the earrings, turns out modelling earrings is quite the skill. I’ve gone for 60’s mod meets 80’s catalogue model, what do you think? Très chic?

DIY fried egg earrings -

DIY fried egg earrings -

DIY fried egg earrings -

If you make a pair yourself (or anything else from a My Poppet tutorial) tag me on Instagram, I’d love to see them.


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