Henny Penny – A cautionary tale…

I found this little book on my thrifting adventure the other day. It’s the classic story of Henny Penny, a gullible gal who fate did not end well.
The illustrations by Paul Galdone are delightful, and this book printed in 1968 is in excellent condition. Lucky me! Oh I mean Emma.
Love the typography on this title page.
Henny Penny believes the sky is falling in when an acorn hits her on the head then creates mass hysteria amongst all her bird friends.
Foxy Loxy is no fool and convinces the gullible flock to follow him into his cave, with a great outcome for the foxes, but not so good for the birds.
The moral of the story: Don’t believe the hype…and hungry foxes can’t be trusted!

ISBN: 0-590-08732-0




  • Katie says:

    AWESOME! Lucky you! This is a beautiful edition of such a classic story. Such expressive faces. I especially love Mr Fox's smiley eyes!

  • Anita says:

    Love your book! I love to go thrifting also, never know what great treasures you will find!

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