Vintage Sesame Street…in Spanish!

I’m surrounded by vintage Sesame Street at the moment, I’ve just acquired a heap of fantastic vintage fabric (you can grab some here) and Emma is enjoying this book that was mine as a child.
It’s in Spanish and is from the 70’s, called Abrete Sesamo, which literally translates to Open Sesame ๐Ÿ™‚
The illustrations are super fun and Emma really loves Cookie Monster, she always puts on a deep voice and says ‘aghw aghw aghw’ its so cute. Cookie monster is my fave too!

The other illustrations I particularly enjoy is the professions. You to can grow up to be Santa, or a Bullfighter.
It’s refreshing to see that Bert and Ernie have not aged a bit in nearly 30 years and have kept their groovy 70’s turtle necks. I hope they don’t get ‘updated’, those stripes are so comforting, every time Emma and I watch Sesame Street together, I feel 30 years younger.


  • Melissa G says:

    I enjoy sitting down with my daughter to watch Sesame St. It is nice to see some of the old favourites are still there, including some of the actors. I feel a bit sad though that some of the characters have disappeared, like Kermit and the little yellow bird that was with Big Bird. That's progress though.

  • Marie says:

    What a cool book, I know one little guy who would love to get his hands on it… He's completely obsessed with Elmo, the other day he brought me the remote control pointing at the TV saying 'elmo, elmo'… OBSESSED

  • DieselMonkey says:

    I love the vintage sesame street! Since we've moved to Oz we haven't been able to find SS except online. Not quite the same …

    I'll have to ask Abeula if she has any old books.

  • Joseph Tom Haynes says:

    Hi my name is Joseph Haynes I am really obsessed with Sesame Street I have watched it when I was 2 years old

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