How to: Create a Crafty Business Card

I’m off to a Melbourne bloggers meet hosted by Danimezza tonight and Shock! Horror! I just realised that I’d run out of business cards.

So even though I hate the idea of make your own cards, I sort of had no choice.
I’m pretty pleased at how these turned out for a rush job, they are all cut a bit wonky but I think that adds to the charm!

If you want to make your own, here are the 4 easy steps:

1. Print your business details onto some card stock. I used a free online business card generator which I won’t recommend because it wasn’t very good (I think it was trying to hack into my computer!). If anyone knows of a good one please leave the link in the comments.
2. Iron your chosen fabric and glue to the back of the card.
3. You can stitch some zig zag lines with your sewing machine to make it look even more crafty.
4. Cut out cards with scissors, blade or guillotine and you’re done!


  • Stephanie and Carlos says:

    The fabric is a great idea! It would also remind the sences of your business from the texture… I need to make up some more cards… This is perfect for using up my scrapS too.

    Xo Steph

  • Cath @ chunkychooky says:

    They look even better than bought ones!

  • Vanity Press says:

    Got one of your cards! Love them! hahaha. fun meeting you though we didn't talk much.

  • Dom says:

    awesome! love a hand made touch on a business card! 🙂

  • craftyrad says:

    I've done something similar, but I used fusible webbing such as Steam A Seam instead of glue.

    I also make hang tags the same way, using pinking shears to cut them out and a hole punch in one corner.

  • Diane says:

    You asked for a site to trust for business cards. If you have Microsoft Word on your computer, you can go to In the search box, put in the word TEMPLATE. There are 1000's of free templates available for all sorts of items. Hope this helps!

  • Kirsti says:

    Fantabulous idea…thanks…

    I like your blog (a lot)

    Kirsti xxx

  • The One and Only says: has a great download, designpro-I think, and it has all the templates for all their products…hope that helps!!

  • April Pendleton says:

    Hello! I love this idea and I will certainly use it at my next craft show! I just use Microsoft Office Business Card Download and cutout the card myself. I use my own artwork on the front of the card, so left over scraps from my huge box that is over flowing is a GREAT idea! Thank you!!!
    Best Wishes!

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