How To: Make a Lacey Scarf in 3 easy steps

make a lacey scarf
It’s always scarf weather in Melbourne! No matter what the season it’s advisable to have a scarf at hand just in case day turns cold. This light weight one is ideal for Spring and Autumn when there is a slight chill in the air, but a wooly scarf is just too bulky. I also find cotton scarves great to travel with as they can double as a head covering if you are visiting religious sites, or as a little sun protection on sensitive shoulders in tropical climes.

This Lacey Scarf is the ideal beginners sewing project, and a great way to try your hand at using that rolled hem foot that came with your sewing machine. Choose any colour of fabric to suit your style, and add some pretty vintage lace for a finishing touch. Whip a few up in 3 easy steps and never get caught out in chilly weather again. Read on for instructions…

You will need:

Cotton voile or other light weight fabric cut to 40cm length (15.5″) recommended width of fabric 152cm (60″) = rectangle cut to 40x152cm (15.5″x60″)
Vintage cotton lace or trim of your choice 80cm (31″)
Sewing machine with rolled hem foot
General sewing supplies
Rolled hem sewing machine foot

How to:

  1. Cut your fabric to size. I’ve used the whole width of the fabric and taken advantage of the fringe like threads on the selvedge border (ends of scarf).
    If you don’t have a fringe on your selvedge, you can carefully pull away the threads until you are happy with the effect.
    lacey scarf steps DIY
  2. Sew a hem along the long sides of scarf with your rolled hem foot by carefully feeding the fabric in with the edge slightly curved over. The foot will do the rest and curl the hem over itself whilst stitching. Sometimes it’s a bit tricky to get started, you may need to use the tip of a seam ripper to feed in at the start. Practice on a fabric scrap first to get the hang of it. The foot will create a neat 1/8″ hemmed edge.
    rolled hem closup
  3. Attach you lace to the ends of scarf with a regular sewing foot. Tuck the lace under itself neatly at the start and finish of the seam.
    how to wear a long scarf
    Wear any way you wish. You can also wash and let it dry whilst twisted to give a crinkly effect.
    Finished striped and lace scarf
    Have you tried using your rolled hem foot? How did you find it?

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