How To: Make your own Envelopes

make your own envelope DIY
I recently signed up to be Creative Pen Pal – a fun project organised by Magdalena from The Craft Revival. It’s been such a long time since I actually wrote a letter (on a piece of paper by hand), that I couldn’t resist signing up and meeting a new friend. My pen pal is in Chile which is very exciting! I’m not really a paper person so I don’t have a big collection of cute stationery on hand. So rather than send my letter in a boring old office stationery, I made my own envelope with some interesting scrapbook paper I had laying about.
You can use this easy technique to make envelopes of any shape or size, all you need is an old envelope to copy…

You will need:

An envelope you wish to copy
Double sided scrapbooking paper or thick wrapping paper
Glue or tape
Scrap paper or adhesive label

How to:

make your own envelope step-by-step
1. Open up the envelope and lay flat on scrapbook paper. Trace shape with pencil.
2. Cut out.
3. Crease and refold.
4. Either tape or glue side flaps to secure.
5. If your paper is dark or heavily patterned you may want to tape or glue on a label to the front.

You may want to trace your envelope shape onto some heavy card and make a more robust template if you will be making lots of envelopes.
post a letter
Time to get letter writing and then it’s off to the post box!

Magdalena has come up with 5 cute ways to decorate standard envelopes – Check it out


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