Harry Potter Party Invitation Template – Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

What’s more exciting that receiving a party invitation? Well, if you are a fan of all things Harry Potter, receiving a party invitation in the style of a Hogwarts Acceptance letter takes the cake.

Hogwarts acceptance letter Harry Potter Party invitation - mypoppet.com.au

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The day of Emma’s Harry Potter party has finally arrived, and I’m super excited to show you all the projects I’ve made for her birthday celebration. Over the coming weeks I’ll be sharing lots of the crafty projects I’ve made for the party, as well as some recipes and the final Harry Potter party reveal over on My Poppet LIVING.


Today I thought I’d start at the beginning with the Hogwarts Acceptance Letter Party Invitations. I’ve created my own Harry Potter invitation template in the style of a scroll from a few web resources available via creative commons. And I’ve also included a printable Hogwarts letter template so you can make your own.

It’s easy to print your own Harry Potter party invitations. Just download the PDF, and add text in your favourite word processing or photo editing software.

I’ve overlaid my text in Photoshop, but you can use Canva, MS Word or Pages for mac. Anything that lets you overlay text onto an image will work.

For lovers of snail mail, this template also makes fun letter paper for handwritten letters. Add a Hogwarts Wax seal to make the letter extra special

Ticket to Hogwarts Express - Mypoppet.com.au

I’ve also added a ticket for the Hogwarts Express just for a bit of fun. You can download your own version from this source, or purchase a replica Hogwarts Express Ticket with gold foil, just like in the movie.

DIY Hogwarts Acceptance Letter Party Invitation

Harry Potter Party Invitation Hogwarts Acceptance Letter mypoppet.com.au

You will need:

parchment paper Hogwarts Template

Hogwarts acceptance letter template

Harry Potter Acceptance Letter Template element sources – Parchment roll file, Hogwarts Crest file.

How to make your own Harry Potter Invitations:

1. Download the template file. Drag it onto an A4 document in word, pages or Photoshop.

2. Open a text box and insert the suggested text, changing all the relevant information. Select a suitable old style looking font, and change the colour to green, just like a Hogwarts letter. If you don’t require Harry Potter birthday invitations, you can remove the reference to ‘birthday’ in the text.

Dear [friend],
We are please to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for a celebration of [name] Birthday.
Please join us at [time] on 2024 at [address].
Traditional wizarding robes will be provided. Please find enclosed your ticket for the Hogwarts Express.
We await your owl post RSVP. If you must, you may use muggle methods contact the Admissions Officer via [phone number].
Yours Sincerely,
 Minerva McGonagall (or your name)
Deputy Headmistress

3. Print out as many copies of the Harry Potter letter template as required.

Harry Potter Party Invitation Hogwarts Acceptance Letter mypoppet.com.au

4. If desired you can cut out the scroll for a more authentic effect.

Harry Potter Party Invitation Hogwarts Acceptance Letter mypoppet.com.au

5. Don’t forget to add a ticket to the Hogwarts Express.

Hogwarts acceptance letter Harry Potter Party invitation - mypoppet.com.au

6. Wrap in brown paper or insert into a parchment envelope and add a melted wax seal if desired. If you’d like to make your own brown paper envelope, I have an envelope template you can use.

old fashioned red wax seal - mypoppet.com.au

I’ve used a melted red crayon to make my seal – read all about it here. But if you want to be extra authentic, this Wax Seal Kit with the official Hogwarts seal stamp would look amazing.

Emma’s friends were super excited to receive their Hogwarts Acceptance Letter Party Invitations – the anticipation for Emma’s Harry Potter Party was at an all time high!

They even brought along their Harry Potter letter and Hogwarts Express Ticket for entrance to the party. Emma collected the train tickets at the door. It was really cute.

Check out more Harry Potter Party projects in the links below!


Hogwarts acceptance letter Harry Potter Party invitation - mypoppet.com.au

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