DIY Harry Potter Wands for Little Wizards

DIY Harry Potter Wizard Wands -

When Emma decided on a Harry Potter themed birthday party, the first thing she insisted on was that every guest was to have their own wand.


Luckily for me wands are pretty easy to make, and without much effort, or special craft supplies. Emma and I had a lot of fun making a range of Harry Potter style Wizard Wands.

They aren’t exact replicas of the wands in the film, but rather, they’re inspired by the wands we saw on our tour of the Harry Potter Studios in London. The original designs are quite varied and I can imagine that our DIY Harry Potter wands would fit right in.

Prop Wands from The Making of Harry Potter at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London -

The real ‘prop’ wands used in the making of the Harry Potter Movies

We did stray a little from some of the more austere designs by adding a few sparkly gems. After all, we needed to consider that these wands were to be used by a gaggle of nine year old girls, you can’t blame us for adding a little bit of bling.

Of course wands in the ‘real’ Wizarding World aren’t just made of wood, they have magical wand cores like Unicorn Hair, Dragon Heartstring or the most powerful of all, Phoenix feather. We are only amateur wand makers so I don’t expect we’ll produce a wand as powerful as the Elder Wand!

Even so, these DIY Harry Potter Wands are a fun project to make with your little witch or wizard.

Pop over and take a look at the photos from Emma’s Harry Potter Party. We had a wand presentation at Ollivander’s Wand Shop, and then the girls had a ton of fun running around and casting spells.

How to make your own Wizard Wand

DIY Harry Potter Wizard Wands -

You will need:


  • Old bamboo chopsticks, thin dowels or twigs
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Craft knife and/or sandpaper
  • Paint in black, brown or your chosen colour
  • Paint brush
  • Shoe polish and soft cloth (not pictured)


  • Thin cord
  • Wooden beads
  • Decorative Gems
  • Gum Nuts or Seed Pods
  • Glitter paint or metallic paint

Caution: Hot glue can burn so please be careful. If you get hot glue on your skin run it under cold water immediately.

How to:

Use old chopsticks to make wizard wands -

1. Select your wand base – In our case we are using old mismatched chopsticks, but thin dowels or even dried twigs from your garden will work just as well.

DIY Harry Potter Wizard Wands -

2. If your chopsticks have square ends, use a craft knife or sandpaper to round off any corners. Sand off any rough bits that may cause splinters.

3. Decide on your wand design. Will it have a handle, be gem encrusted or look more organic? We’ve made a variety of different styles inspired by Harry Potter wands from the movie, and our own imagination.

How to add a cord handle

Add a cord handle to make an authentic looking wand -

4. Add a blob of hot glue to the end of you chopstick and lay cord down till firmly fixed. Add more glue up the stick and start winding the cord around and up the stick covering the starting tail of the cord.

Add a cord handle to make an authentic looking wand -

5. Add hot glue in small amounts and winding the cord till you reach about a third of the way up the wand. Trim the cord and secure the end with some more hot glue.

Organic Wand

DIY Harry Potter Wizard Wands -

6. Glue a gum nut or small seed pod onto the end of your chopstick.

DIY Harry Potter Wizard Wands -

7. Carefully spiral a bead of hot glue about half way down the wand. Allow to cool before placing down on a surface.


DIY Harry Potter Wizard Wands -

8. Make your wands more interesting by adding wooden beads or gems to the base of the handle. Secure firmly with hot glue.

DIY Harry Potter Wizard Wands -

Paint & Polish

Now comes the fun part that the kids can get involved with – Painting their Harry Potter wands.

DIY Harry Potter Wizard Wands -

9. Give each wand a couple of coats of paint, being careful not to cover any sparkly bits.

Painting DIY Harry Potter wands -

10. You can add a few coats of paint in different colours and wipe away the top darker layers while the paint is still wet to give a textured effect.

DIY Harry Potter Wizard Wands -

11. Once the paint is dry, use some shoe polish to give your wand a shiny protective coating.

DIY Harry Potter Wizard Wands -

12. Buff off the shoe polish gently to give it a soft lustre.

13. Another option for adding a little bit of extra extra sparkle is giving your wand a thin coating of glitter paint or metallic paint.

How to make Harry Potter inspired Wizard Wands -

All done! Which one is your favourite?

How to display your Harry Potter wands

Because we created these wizard wands for Emma’s Harry Potter Birthday Party, to give to her party guests, I wanted a cool way to display them in the style of Ollivander’s Wand Shop.

Rather than packing away the wands in their own individual boxes, I lined a wooden breakfast tray with red felt and presented each wand with its own hand written label.

Harry Potter Party Ollivander's Wand Shop Display -

It was fun imagining what wand wood material and core each wand was made of, as well as it’s properties. We spent a long time working out which wand would suit each party guest remembering… “The wand chooses the wizard, Mr. Potter” – Mr Ollivander (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone)

Harry Potter Party Ollivander's Wand Shop Display -

Harry Potter Party Ollivander's Wand Shop Display -

Oh, but do they work? Well, you’ll have to make your own to find out!

Time to test out your wand!

Child casting spell with a Harry Potter Wand -



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