How to Print your Favourite Photos at Home

Put your hand up if you have photos just languishing on your phone or laptop that never see the light of day. Yep that’s me, prolific photo taker, but terrible at getting them printed.

I’ve sort of gotten used to not having any photos around to enjoy, but Emma, like most kids, really treasures printed photos, loves looking at them, and proudly displays them in her room. There is something tangible about holding a memory in your hand, that is really, very special.

Occasionally when Emma needs some photos for a project at school (or Mum complains that she never has any photos of us to frame), I head off to Officeworks or Kmart with my USB stick and get a batch printed out.  Honestly it’s such a pain to make a special trip to the mall just for a couple of photos, but until now I didn’t really think there was another option.

I’ve never really considered printing photos at home because my past history with printers is ‘colourful’ to say the least. My regular printer causes me no end of frustration (usually accompanied with copious swearing). It never connects properly to my computer, I’m always running out of ink, and printing a small photo out on a large sheet of paper is such a waste. So when Canon asked if I’d like to try out their new portable photo printer the Canon Selphy CP1200, I was a little dubious, but thought I’d give it a try anyway.

Guess what? I love my new Canon Selphy printer! AND even better news, I’ve got one to GIVEAWAY to a lucky reader too! Read on for details. (GIVEAWAY CLOSED)

Canon Selphy CP1200 - 4x6 photo printer review - -

Tried & Tested – Canon Selphy CP1200 Review


The Canon Selphy is really small and light. In the box you get the printer, power cord and paper tray. The paper and ink cartridge set need to be purchased separately, keep this in mind when you are making your purchase.

Set up is super simple, just plug in the printer, load the paper tray and slide in the ink cartridge. The paper and ink set contains 2 printing cartridges and 108 postcard sized (6×4″) photo papers, and the genius is that the ink is perfectly balanced to the number of prints – no running out of ink again. Depending on where you buy your ink/paper set, the prints cost around 37c each.

Canon Selphy CP1200 printer review


wifi enabled cann selphy printer

The printer is WiFi enabled which means you can transfer files remotely from your phone, camera or computer.

Normally, with other printers, I’ve found the WiFi set up very complicated, but the Canon Selphy was simple to set up by just pressing the WiFI button, and linked to both my iPhone and Canon camera in a couple of steps.

I tried 3 printing methods, iPhone, SD card and directly from my camera. You can also plug in a USB stick, or connect a computer via a printer cable.

Printing from an iPhone

This by far was the simplest method to print at the touch of a button. Most of my favourite photos are on my phone so, the convenience of using iPhone’s Apple air print was the best! Take a look at my video above to see how easily I selected and printed photos from my phone. If you don’t have an iOS device, there is a Canon print app available for use on Android devices.

How to print photos from your phone

The other bonus of using the phone to print photos is that you can use your favourite photo editing apps to tweak your photos, create collages or even get creative by adding graphics and stickers. It’s great for those of you that love scrapbooking or Project Life. I created some collages with a free app called Pic Stitch which meant I could print several smaller images on one sheet.

iPhone printing photos

Printing from an SD card

The Selphy has an SD card slot which enables you to view the memory card images straight on the small screen and select the images to print.

Canon Selphy printer SD slot

Canon Selphy printer LCD screen cropping

The screen lets you adjust the cropping and select the number of prints but editing required you to go into a different menu screen. I would only print directly off my card if I was happy with the shots straight out of the camera, or that only required minimal editing, as you need to keep in mind that the LCD screen is probably less accurately colour calibrated than an iPhone screen. I slightly warmed up this image a bit and was pretty happy with how it turned out.

personal portable photo printer - Canon Selphy CP1200

The other downside of printing off a SD card is you need to scroll though a ton of images if you have a very full card.

Inbuilt editing functions include brightness, colour adjustment, red eye correction, skin smoothing, collage layout, border option, index print.

personal portable photo printer - Canon Selphy CP1200

Printing from a Canon Camera

If you have a Canon camera with WiFi ability, you can connect it directly to the printer and print your photos instantly. Just like the SD card situation, you need to be pretty happy with your shot straight out of the camera as editing can be a little limited compared to the ability to correct an image on your phone.

personal portable photo printer - Canon Selphy CP1200

I thought it would be fun to have some photo inception, so printed out the photo above as soon as I took it. Just like a photo Turducken, it’s a photo within a photo within a photo!

personal portable photo printer - Canon Selphy CP1200

The photo of my first photo had a yellow cast, as the white balance was a bit off on my camera settings.

personal portable photo printer - Canon Selphy CP1200

My preferred method for printing images off my camera would be to transfer to my phone via the Canon Camera Connect app, then make the adjustments necessary with an editing app before printing with Apple air print.


The Selphy uses dye sublimation print technology, so that means as soon as you print is finished it is instantly dry, smudge free and water resistant. For such a small device, the print quality is surprisingly good with nice bright colours and natural skin tones. I’d say overall comparable to most instant print places I’ve been to, the photos really do look professionally printed with a glossy finish.

The Selphy uses dye sublimation print technology, so that means as soon as you print is finished it is instantly dry, smudge free and water resistant.

Each print takes 47 seconds, so it’s not designed for high volume printing, but it’s really fun to watch as the paper goes in and out of the machine making multiple passes, one for each colour, Yellow, Magenta, and Cyan, and then one for the final protective glossy film coating. The kids will love watching it.

The postcard size is just smaller than 6×4″ so keep that in mind as the top and bottom of the image get cropped slightly when you break off the end tabs. Keep that in mind when cropping images.

The Selphy uses dye sublimation print technology, so that means as soon as you print is finished it is instantly dry, smudge free and water resistant.

Canon Selphy CP1200 PROS & CONS


  • Convenient
  • Fun and Easy to use
  • Print Quality very good
  • Several device printing options
  • Wifi Enabled
  • Compact and Portable (option to purchase battery separately)
  • Many inbuilt functions
  • Paper & Ink packs very well considered


  • Paper size not quite 6×4″ which can cause cropping issues
  • Small LCD screen (not touch enabled)
  • Menus functions not super intuitive
  • Cost per print more expensive than off site printing
  • Paper & Ink pack not included with initial printer purchase
  • Black plastic shell is a dust magnet (opt for the white one)

Canon Selphy printer review - How to print your own 4x6 photos at home


I’m so in love with my Canon Selphy CP 1200 printer, and don’t know how I’ve managed without one for this long. Even though the cost per print is about 4x more than off site printing, the convenience of having my photos instantly really is worth it for me (especially when the kid tells me she needs a photo at 7pm the night before a project is due)!

So overall a big thumbs up! I’ll be using it lots from now on, and I already have some craft project ideas featuring photos in the works. Leave me a comment if you have any questions about anything I haven’t covered.

Now time for a GIVEAWAY

Win - Canon Selphy Printer Giveaway

Canon Selphy CP 1200 Printer Prize Pack GIVEAWAY – CLOSED

If you’d like to win your very own Canon Selphy Printer and Paper/Ink Pack, just leave a comment answering the following question: “How will you use your Canon Selphy printer?” I’m interested to know if you’ll be crafting or journalling with your photos, using it for the kids school projects, framing photos as gifts, using them to print out your insta pics? My favourite comment will win the prize!

Terms & Conditions
The winner will be the entry deemed most creative by the judges. Entries open until 5pm 30th June, 2017. Winner will be announced in the comments below and contacted via entering email address. To claim the prize, the winner must reply to the winner notification and accept the prize within 72 hours of receiving notification or risk forfeiting prize. Prize will be posted via registered mail (after 14th July) to an Australian address. Winner’s address must be supplied on request and will only be used to mail out prize. Prize not transferable for cash. Giveaway is open to all Australian residents over 16 years.
Disclosure – Thanks to Canon for providing me with this product for review purposes and a prize pack to giveaway – This post was unpaid and all opinions are my own.





    I would use it to print nature photos that I then make a tapestry out of

    • Gina says:

      I’ve always wanted a portable photo printer for home. What a great giveaway! Having this will actually inspire me to take more pictures!

      I would print some to pin up at work, give some prints to friends and family, and even use them in my card making projects! Of course, I would also print some to put in picture frames, photo albums and on the fridge.


    • Mary says:

      Great review Cintia.
      I would give the Selphy printer to my daughter. She started high school this year and not long after the need for her to have her own phone became apparent. It is great that she now has the security of being able to contact me when she needs to, but one unforeseen consequence is I no longer find random selfies and photos on my phone. They were like lovely little treats that I would find throughout my day as she would often pick up my phone and take a quick snap when I wasn’t looking. My hope would be that a selphy printer will bring back these lovely little surprises as she is bound to be a prolific printer and I can guarantee that she will leave them all over the house.

    • Helene B Croteau says:

      If I win, I would be able to print pictures that I receive from friend, but most of all pictures, of my great nieces & nephew. This way I would not bring my computer to show my mom pictures of here great grand children.. I would be in paradise,

  • Linda riedel says:

    My husband is always taking pictures of my garden, the moon, a special sunset or a rainbow. Then he asks if I have looked at the pictures. This sounds like the perfect way for me to print the pictures to put out for both of us to look at. I never knew this printer existed. A great post and I hope to win!!

  • Annette says:

    I have been making mini photo albums for our various vacations. I use a copic stitch to bind the photos. The covers are made out of copper with solder floated on top. I find a special charm from our vacation for the front of the album. I keep our mini albums in a bowl in our living room. We tend to enjoy looking at the albums more often.

  • Cass says:

    How would I use it, so so many ways. I’d update my photo wall, I’d use it for project life. It would be so well used here. Thanks for the honest review, I’ve been looking at getting one of these, we have a little Canon printer and have been really happy with it. However my son has taken to use for his studies.

  • Lisa says:

    What a great little printer! I’d use it to try to get back into Project Life; I did one month and then never did anymore because going to the print shop was a pain >___< Also it would be great just to have some actual photos up in our house! I have maybe two? Not even our wedding photos have been printed!

  • carol clark says:

    i will give it to my daughter and she will use it in her crafting projects and her work projects she does alot

  • Anthea P says:

    Oh my I would live to get my mitts on this!! My 13yo is in the midst of preparing her cosplay for OzComicon and with her before and after photos of her Anime character transformation (topsecret til the day) and pics of cosplayers taken on the day she can have quality images displayed on her wall at home rather than the shitty paper printouts currently plastered to them!!

  • Lisa says:

    I would love one to take to scrapbook crops. There is always a photo I need that’s been misplaced or skipped when printing. Thanks for a chance to win and all of the wonderful info.

  • Lotta says:

    My family lives overseas so we do print loads and loads of pictures already. Especially since my daughter was born last year!

  • Kelly Louise says:

    I have been living in Italy for a year and a half and have been on many trips to new towns and cities taking many photographs. I want to create a travel journal with my photos to display alongside sketches of my favourite vistas in each place. This compact printer would be ideal! Thanks for the post!

  • Vanessa Greay says:

    I’m a nanny, so I would use it to take pictures of the children’s art and craft that the parents aren’t so keen on hanging onto (due to clutter. It builds up!!) I’d also use it to print photos of the kids to give to their relatives for special occasions like birthdays, Mother’s and Father’s day. And also to send my own photos to my family as I live so far away from them!

  • Nicole says:

    My parents are fairly tech savvy: they regularly email and use their mobiles to send and receive photos. My mother-in-law, however, is not. She constantly asks me if I want her to write out recipes and knitting patterns. And I constantly remind her I can find them on the internet. Needless to say, she truly believes her mobile phone (which lives on her bench, even when she’s out) can’t accept photos. So, I occasionally get a pile of photos printed out for her. With three children four and under, this is no simple undertaking. A Canon Selphy CP 1200 printer would be perfect. I could print the ones she wants directly in front of her.

  • lesley says:

    i would definitely be using this printer!!!! i would be sending photos to my sister who collects animal pictures as well as sending some to my mom who scrapbooks and journals. i would also keep ones for myself to decorate the refrigerator.

    this would also be nice to take photos of my handmade items to place on the packaging, especially allowing me to take up less display space on booth shelves by attaching the photo(s) to the folded items

  • Barbara Bolton says:

    We have been trying to adopt a little relative since 9-14. I will use the Canon Selphy printer to make round ornaments to hang and teach him about who his family is. I want to make buntings out of photos. I did this with my first adopted son it is was grand fun!

  • Megan says:

    Ohhh. I would love this to print out hundreds of photos of my daughter from when she was born 18 years ago until today so I can make her ‘A story of your life’ journal with memories, anecdotes and stories from her family and friends on every page as well.

  • Narelle Dunn says:

    I would use it to print photos of my daughter and family for the two groups who are ALWAYS asking for them – day care and grandparents. I’d also use it to print promotional photos of my blog to entice more participants.

  • Wendy Metcalf says:

    I would use this printer for scrap booking, I also make greeting cards and my DIY projects. I love crafting and I have a a cloud full of photos. My son passed away last year and I want to make photo books for his 5 daughters.

  • Kelsey Gray says:

    I would use this to print out photos stashed on my phone that just stay there & never get looked at again. I would frame the photos for my own home & to give as gifts. Would also be great to print out inspo from insta to adorn the walls in my craft/making room.

  • Melissa Gaggiano says:

    I swear this is serendipity [without John Cusack]. I organise my prints down at Kmart or Officeworks once I’ve got a bundle. However there have been many instances when I just wanted to quickly run off an image or two. I too can see my kids getting mucho use out of this printer for their school and personal projects.

  • Cheri says:

    Such a fun way to print! My grandson likes to make books, drawing and writing a caption. I would use the printer to take pictures of him involved in the topic he has chosen for his books. This would add a new interest so he can still draw, but also use photos from places we visit, or stories he creates.
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter this give away!

  • Simone says:

    Wow so timely my printer just died, I print pics for my craft work, embroidery mostly, and I feel lost with out one. I can see it would be fab for printing my family pics too. Looks like you have had fun 😁

  • Kirsty says:

    We live on the other side of Australia to almost everyone we love. We miss everyone so dearly and want to share our world with them!

    I loved your review showing that this little Canon printer is something I could easily use.

    How would I use a Canon Selphy?
    To print off heart warming good times to send to our family interstate. I know opening up a package containing our faces, exploring lots of different places, would put a smile on our loved ones faces ☺

  • Therese says:

    I would give it to one of my daughters, so she could print pictures of our grandchildren! Which daughter, I am not sure. Perhaps the one with the next birthday!

  • Lacey says:

    I’d like to print photos and create photo albums of my three little ones. I think having a photo printer would mean that I would actually print photos instead of having them stored on my phone

  • Rosie Egan says:

    OMG love to get my hands on this fabulous printer it would help me to organise my quilting patterns and photos as all my children are overseas

  • Sylvia Bartosiak says:

    I would be definitely updating my photo wall at home. Its a tad outdated as I am often too lazy to go to the shops to process photos. I would also be doing a lot more scrapbooking, creating visual moods, would be a dream to win this printer 🙂

  • Kylie Voigt says:

    We often make school projects or gifts that this printer would be really handy for, to be honest I’ve never printed a photo so your review was really exciting the possibilities are endless

  • Chloe Bayley says:

    I will use it to create a collages of my overseas and Australian trips I have been on over the past few years. All my photos are kept on my phone or a hardrive as I don’t own a computer so this will be extremely convenient to have at home. I don’t really have any photos around my home and I’ve always wanted to changed that. This would be unreal!

  • Erica says:

    I’d love to win this prize pack! I’d mostly use the printer to print out pictures for my pen pals. I have about 40 pen pals right now, plus I’m a mail artist and I do postal swaps. I’m a total “mail box junkie”! I love to take pictures of my pets, myself, my family, etc. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • Ria Holmes says:

    this printer is delightful and that’s what it would bring me pure delight. I would print photos to share and giveaway….
    my family are growing up and leaving home… I will get to keep a part of them every time I look at their picture in a frame.

  • Wendy Hatton says:

    This would be a great way to give party memories to guests before they go home. The kids, especially, would love it I’m sure as they love taking pictures themselves. Guests could choose their favourite to print and take home.Nice and quick and easy to use are big bonuses.

  • Crystal says:

    This would be a saviour in our house for school projects. We always go through the mad dash to the shops to print off photos. As a teacher this would also be great for me to use in the classroom to document class projects with the students and be able to map our results while still fresh in the students minds.

  • Deb says:

    My husband is 40 in a few months and I think this would be perfect to help put up a photo collage on the wall of the venue. We could even have the printer at the event and encourage people to take selfies and print them off to add to the collage on the day.

  • Laurie says:

    For my 4 year old daughter to printing and send spontaneous pictures to her 97 & 94 year old great grandparents on the other side of the world…they’re not up to speed with social media…yet!

  • Karen says:

    After recently volunteering as a Midwife in Arusha, Tanzania I have 100’s of photo’s on my phone which was the only camera I took when traveling.
    I would love to have a simple way to print good quality photo’s from my time in Tanzania

  • Sandie Cornish says:

    I would use it for printing my finished kids clothing items & craft projects – quilts, toys, cushions & bags to make a scrapbook for my business that I am just starting. It would make an awesome brochure for potential customers to have a look through.

  • Ruth says:

    I have been trying to do some Project Life layouts but the main reason that I put it off is because I have to get photos printed. The printer would be awesome. I could finish some long languishing pages!

  • I would use the Canon Selphy CP 1200 Printer Prize Pack to finally catch up with all my photos lagging on my phone and my kids so I can finally print them ! I was going to put them all on a usb but not a really good idea as I could lose them all !! I am currently doing my family tree (heritage from Abruzzo) and would like to place photos next to the names on the family tree and also give copies to my relatives. Also my kids would use this for homework purposes etc etc I could also print off a picture of my many dressmaking garments that I make and have a folio of my work. So much use for this great invention !

  • Lauren Ibbotson says:

    I love to scrapbook so I’d print out my favourite photos
    To create long-lasting, family mementos.
    Special albums for the kids to keep.
    I’d be printing and scrapping whilst they’re fast asleep.
    A Canon Selphy Printer would be a treat.
    An awesome machine that can’t be beat!

  • Florence says:

    Would love to use the Canon Selphy printer to pick some of my favourite photos from our holiday in Greece to finally update the faded 10 year old fridge selection, so overdue!!

  • KarenH says:

    This printer would be perfect for printing photos for my inspiration board. I sew making quilts and other things! Love having colorful photos to gaze on.

  • Sandy Woerner says:

    I have so many photos (family reunion, baby shower, birth of 1st grandson, etc.) that I need to send to my parents since they were not able to attend, and they are at the age where they have no idea how to work any tech devices. This would be the perfect way to send them rather than print on regular paper.

  • Leanore Woods says:

    In 55 years of taking photos, I’ve printed out many duds on old fashioned photo rolls, I’ve left them too long exposed before printing so the colours go yellow, double exposed rolls, got them printed cheaply so they’ve faded not to mention odd paper sizes. I love the age of the digital photo and all the things you can do to a photo before printing…..Except, I don’t print. I intend to but … Since I moved to Australia to be with the family, I have taken more photos than I ever did. Have I made any proper prints? Of course not. I’d love to be able to embellish my art journals and scrap books with photos too.

  • Sunny says:

    Ooooh, I would love this! I would print all of the photos of my family that are “trapped” on my phone!

  • Jacquie Holloway says:

    Would love to be able to print pictures of my 6 great grandchildren,

  • Sarah Woolner says:

    Lovely, honest review! I would gift it to my mother in law who loves photos but never seems to print any. She has a phone full of photos that I’m sure she’d like to print. She’s a bit of a home body and would like to do it there I’m sure. Good luck everyone!!

  • Karen Edwards says:

    We have a month old baby boy I’d love the printer so I can have photos at the touch of a button would make his first photo album so much easier to print off each months photos

  • Suzanne Robinson says:

    Id use it for both taking pics of my crochet and also for pics of my granddaughter who turns 5 tomorrow!! Thanks for the thorough review!

  • Bec says:

    I’d love to print photos of my girl, which are inevitably taken on my iphone and not the digital cameras I have that collect dust in my study. I promise this photo printer will not gather dust, even if it comes in dust magnet black plastic!

  • katie says:

    Here comes Mum with the camera again *Eye roll please!*
    Just smile and wave, and count to ten *All say cheese!*
    Thank goodness she is so busy all day *So time poor!*
    Those photos are just tucked away *See no more!*
    Imagine if she could print them out *Oh good grief!*
    We’d never live down each smile or pout *No relief!*
    She’d print them, frame them, fill the walls *Everywhere!*
    All through our rooms and down the halls *No space spare!*
    I hope she doesn’t win this prize *Help us please*
    We’ll never stop her cheerful cries *All say cheese!*

  • Lisette Carstens says:

    I would print all the amazing holiday snaps I have stored on my phone!!!! We have recently taken our children to Europe for a ‘once in a lifetime trip’ and I still have all the snaps on my phone!!!! This printer looks like the solution to getting my snaps printed!!!!

  • Emma says:

    I’d use the printer to make copies of family photos to send to extended family who don’t use computers and have no other way to watch our kids grow up. Looks like a great printer.

  • Gloria Aman says:

    I have alot of photo’s on my cell phone that I would love to be able to print out..Very nice printer here that you are giving away..I would love to win it.

  • Michelle Kneipp says:

    I would love one of these so I could print out some of the thousands of photos from my camera and phone and put them on my wall as a collage; So I can be surrounded by the memorable moments that make my life as awesome as it is! ☺ 📸 no use having the photos if we don’t display them 😂

  • Sam D says:

    Wow what a great product! Thanks for the review. I, like us all, have sooooo many great shots on my phone its time they deserve to be displayed! I love capturing candid family moments but mostly I love to see them around my house. They are truly priceless reminders of special and precious times with the people I love the most – my 3 kids and gorgeous husband. I love being in the “moment” with my family now I want to see all those moments them all the time!

  • Karina L says:

    I would use to print out photos for my walls, the fridge and for the grandparents! Memorable moments should be shared and on display, not hidden in your phone!

  • Leah B. says:

    I would like to make a photo journal as my husband and I go through the journey of trying to overcome infertility. I would then like to share the photos with other couples that are struggling to overcome the same obstacle!

  • Hannah says:

    This little gadget is brilliant! I’m constantly taking photos, for work, at home, and on the road, so I’d love to be able to share those images in a more tangible way. Actual prints are rarely made anymore, which makes them all the more special.

  • Sandra says:

    I would use it to print out photos to frame, for both myself and for gifts.

  • bev marks says:

    oh my the things I could print would be …endless all the old photos I’ve kept on my phone for years & plus all the family photos I’ve kept on my lap top (knock on wood its never crashed)and all the crochet & sewing patterns I hoard oh yes I could diffently put this printer to good use my fingers will be crossed hoping to win this beauty

  • Kelly M. says:

    I’m using them as Thank You notes for my upcoming wedding! I will write the note on the back and send everyone the picture of them either with us at the wedding or having a blast on the dance floor!

  • Sylvia Pastore says:

    I have over 22,000 photos on my phone. I would start to print them and then I love taking photos of candid moments of the people I love and then send them to them with a little motivational saying without them knowing who it’s from. I’ve started doing this and the reaction I get just brings a warm fuzzy feeling. Love they don’t know who took the photos but also love that they have these natural candid shots to keep. I sent one to my sister of her hugging her dog and she was beside herself as she thought she had a stalker. But loved that no one ever took something so beautiful.

  • Niccola says:

    After the gut wrenching process of relocating my parents from their home to an aged care facility, one of the only things that brings them joy is looking at family photos. We often take family photos on our phones while visiting them and they always want a copy. Instead of waiting for me to get to Officeworks to print, I could print them at home and share the photos with them while the memory is fresh!!

  • Ali says:

    Oh you know, months ago I put up a lovely hanging picture shelf in my dining room, which was meant to be the family gallery, featuring family who live in other states etc. The problem is it still has a random collection of photos up there because I haven’t got to printing out some good ones. So this would be perfect.

    • Emily says:

      As an art teacher I love to capture the moments of wonder and pride the little artists in my classes experience every day. Then I could gift photographs to them so they can share and talk about the colour, fun and sparkle of their experiences with their family and friends.

  • Kirsty skilbeck says:

    I’d love to give photos to the nannas of their grandkids, what Nanna doesn’t love a grandkids photo? It would be also lots of fun to have the printer at a dress up party and send each child home with a picture of the day. They’re so old worldly.

  • cathie says:

    I giggled because I was THAT parent just the other day, a mad rush to get a photo printed with the little guy …in his pj’s before kinder that afternoon.
    It really would be amazing to have a printer like that at your fingertips, thanks for the great review.
    Even though I would personally LOVE it for myself, I think I would give it to my soon to be 10yr old for his birthday. He has been drawing and designing things more and more lately and this would inspire him to keep at it and get his great ideas printed and added to his “art wall”.
    Inspiration is everything.

  • Crystal Bard says:

    Your review had me at… Print from an iPhone. I have numerous photos of my children on my iPhone and they are at a daily risk of being lost forever. Due to phone breakage or water damage. I really need to invest in one of these to then have some durable hard copies of these magic years.

  • Amanda says:

    This sounds so convenient. I will no longer seem like a nutcase when I’m shopping having hard copies of products I try so hard to accurately describe. As I would use it mainly for and inspiration boards and scrapbooking-like projects . I especially love the idea of printing images from Instagram as it is my primary source of ideas.

  • Elle says:

    I’m such a photo taker! I’m always annoying family and friends taking snaps, litterly every day since I was in High School. I would love to instantly print my memories and give them to friends to share the love! Just a tab of blue tack and stick it on the wall for instant real life memory sharing! I need one of these in my life!

  • Entries now closed – GOOD LUCK!

  • Malia McKay says:

    I have struggled with a lot of anxiety and depression. With the help of medication, therapists and God I have been able to overcome such burdening circumstances. I have always been fascinated by bullet journaling, scrap booking and what I plan to use the printer for, photo journaling. My anxiety and depression prevented me from ever being able to commit to such beautiful tasks. Now that I am well, I am ready to start my photo journaling journey. Having a Canon Selphy will make this expedition so much easier, enjoyable, and exciting. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  • Claire B says:

    I’ll be using it lots from now on, and I already have some craft project ideas featuring photos in the works.

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