Tried & Tested – Bosch IXO Cordless Screwdriver Cutter Attachment

Tried & Tested - Bosch IXO Cordless Screwdriver & Cutter Attachment

This week I’m having a play with a handy new tool sent to me by Bosch, the IXO cordless screwdriver. I don’t normally have a need for screwdrivers in my crafting but I was very interested in checking out the new optional Cutter attachment available for it.

I was planning on making a project using the IXO cutter, but I had so many questions about it and how it worked from commenters after I posted a photo of it on Instagram, that I thought a trial and review would interest other readers too.

I’ve made a video giving the cutter attachment a thorough workout on all sorts of materials that I encounter in my day to day crafting including cardboard, plastic, assorted fabrics and oil cloth.

Take a look at my video above and see for yourself. It’s a pretty long video (I like to be thorough) so if you are short on time skip to the end or read my summary below.

IXO Cutter – My Verdict:

-The cutter is simple to attach to the screwdriver/body and overall pretty easy to use.
-It’s obvious that it’s designed mainly for the DIY market because it works really well to cut tough materials like cardboard, plastic and heavy weight fabrics. I can see this being ideal if you are cutting canvas, shade cloth, vinyl, flyscreen mesh and other fairly stiff materials.
Bosch cordless screwdriver cutter on cardboard - product review
-I’ll be using it for cardboard and thicker non-stretch fabrics like oilcloth, and canvas.
Bosch cordless screwdriver cutter on oilcloth - product review
-Especially good for cutting long straight lengths.
-Adequate cutting on woven fabrics like quilters cotton or heavier.
-Affordable at only around $25 for attachment and $60 for the screwdriver kit.

-Not great when cutting lightweight or stretchy fabrics.
-Can only cut gentle curves.
-Can be a little difficult getting started as material sometimes catches on the guard.

Overall I quite like it and think that it’s a handy tool that I’ll definitely get lots of use from. It won’t replace my fabric shears for cutting lighter fabrics, although I think it will save them from getting misused on materials that may blunt them (so that’s another plus).

Bosch cordless screwdriver cutter - product review

It’s a big thumbs up for the IXO cutter, and I have the added bonus of having a handy cordless screwdriver set too. Win-Win. Now I’m off to search for more things that need cutting!

Thanks to Bosch for providing me with this product for review purposes – This post was unpaid and all opinions are my own.



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