Make a Heart Doily Valentine Dreamcatcher

Why give a boring old card this Valentine’s day when you can give a Valentine that actually “Catches Dreams”? Make a Valentine Dreamcatcher from simple craft supplies as a special gift that can be enjoyed as decor all year around.

Heart dream catcher

This pretty Valentine Dreamcatcher can decorate a space all year long and would make a lovely nursery mobile. I’ve hung this one in Emma’s room, ensuring her sweet slumber.

Simple to make, this dreamcatcher can be customized with objects and colours that have meaning to you.

I’ve used a paper heart shaped doily for the central feature of this romantic dreamcatcher, but feel free to use a handmade crochet doiley or even a cut-out paper heart as an alternative.

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Lets’s Make a Valentine Dreamcatcher

You will need:

  • 1x Metal ring or embroidery hoop (pre-paint with spray paint or nailpolish – optional)
  • 2x Heart shaped paper doilies (round or cotton crochet can be substituted)
  • Pearle cotton embroidery thread
  • Feathers
  • Beads (I’ve used Hama beads from Ikea)
  • Strong fast drying craft glue
  • Scissors

How to:

1. Gather your supplies. If you can’t find heart shaped doilies in your party supply store, get them online here.

2. Make a hanging loop with embroidery thread and tie off with a knot. Secure with a dab of glue.

How to make a valentine dream catcher step by step picture collage

3. Take your embroidery thread and wrap around hoop to create a web. Keep going until you are happy with the design.

4. Tie off the loose end and secure it with a dab of glue. You may also want to glue the spots where the thread wraps around the frame to prevent slipping.

To make the feather tassels.

Cut a length of embroidery thread about 20cm (10″) long and thread 3 beads on it.

how to make feather tassles step by step picture collage

5. Dab a small drop of glue to the top of 2-3 feathers

6. Stick down the end of the thread to the top and slide the beads down over the feathers

7. A small drop of glue to secure the beads

8. Make three in total

close up of heart shape paper doilies on valentine dreamcatcher

9&10. Glue on the doilies to each side of the web. (Feel free to write a love message on a doily before this stage)

11. Tie on the feather tassels, shortening to desired length and secure knots with glue.

Finished valentine dream catcher with feather tassles

All done! Look how pretty it looks moving in the breeze.

Who will you give your Dreamcatcher Valentine to?


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