Look what my dad made…

You saw some of my mum’s crafty work yesterday, today I present you with the handywork of my dad…

As a gift for Emma’s second birthday, he built her a little play kitchen out of an ikea bedside table and bits and pieces from his shed.
It has everything a little chef could want, a hotplate with a real light that turns on when you press a button, a sink, an oven and a little fridge/cupboard.
Needless to say, Emma loves it.

She already had the pots and pans (from Ikea) but used them as a drum kit before the kitchen.

It’s in the lounge room at the moment and is her second favourite toy (after my iPad).

She loves making toast and eggs, and pretends the oven is HOT. “Be careful mummy, HOT!” I may make some mini oven mitts, she loves wearing ‘glubs’.

Although should I be concerned that she was cooking a dog toy the other day?


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