Printable Advent Calendar Colouring Page

Jingle-jingle! It’s that festive time of year again. Yaaaaaay! Get set to keep the kids entertained with a Printable Advent Calendar Colouring Page.

Printable advent calendar -

The kids are super hyped about a certain fat man dressed in a red onesie coming down our nonexistent chimney Maybe we should build a faux fireplace just for Christmas to ensure Santa doesn’t miss us this year.

And while the kids are antsy about the possibilities of the festive season, I’ll running around like a mad chicken trying to tick everything off my seemingly endless list of things that need doing. Ugh… I mean, yay!

I can’t do much about my super long to do list, but I can offer you an activity that’ll keep the kids busy for say… about 20 minutes. Super yay!

Printable Advent Calendar -

Colour in a Printable Advent Calendar this Christmas

You will need:

  • Markers, paints or pencils
  • Christmas stickers (at least 25)
  • Paper and printer

How to:

1. Print the advent calendar template at 100%.

Printable Advent Calendar -

2. Grab your preferred colouring tools and colour in the advent calendar. Go nuts, and fill in every inch of your advent calendar.

Printable Advent Calendar -

3. Place the advent calendar, on your fridge. Ta-daaaah! So pretty!

4. Once a day, mark off the advent calendar with a gorgeous Christmas sticker. Make a big deal about this step – if you’ve got a kazoo, blow on it. The kids will love that.

Tip: If you don’t have any Christmas stickers handy, you could also cross off the numbers or cut out your own shapes from coloured paper and glue it onto each square.

Printable Advent Calendar -

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Printable Advent Calendar -

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