DIY Christmas Tree Gift Box to fill with Festive Treats

Assemble and decorate your own Christmas tree gift box to make any small gift look extra special. A printable template is included to make this festive pyramid shaped box.

Pyramid shaped gift box with box on pink background

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With the festive season well on its way, now is the perfect time to craft some Christmas gift boxes and parcel up mini bundles of treats.

This unique handmade Christmas gift box idea uses pyramid shaped packaging to create a modern take on a Christmas tree. The box looks very decorative with its graphic stenciled designs and is a luxe alternative to wrapping gifts in ordinary wrapping paper.

How cute would these look en masse, lined up on a mantel as an advent calendar, or even hung on a Christmas tree!

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Let’s make a Christmas Tree Shaped Box to fill with gifts

This Christmas gift box idea is so versatile, and very easy to make with just cardstock and basic craft supplies. 

The sizing is quite generous and is ideal for packaging up small gifts and edible treats. If you need an even smaller pyramid gift box, just scale down the template at the printing stage.

Pyramid shaped christmas gift box with silver bow on pink background

For this project I have used spray paint to decorate the pyramid gift box. Using spray paint produces a smooth decorative finish that dries quickly. In other words the result is rather polished and efficient.

However there is no reason in the world why you can’t use other materials to decorate the exterior, or even interior of the box. You can decorate the box with any paint, markers, pen, or pencil.

Kids may enjoy decorating the Christmas tree shaped box with stickers (little stars would look cute) or small bits of paper collage.

You will need:

How to:

1. Print the five template pages at 100%. Cut out the five template pieces.

pyramid shape gift box printable template

cut our printed template

2. Tape the bottom edge of each side to the four sides of the base section. The result is a completed template that looks like a four point star.

tape together sides of template

3. Trace an outline of the template onto cardstock.

trace gift box template

4. Cut out the traced outline.

cut out card template shape

5. Fold the sides and base lines of the box template inward, as per the illustrated diagram markings.

use ruler to mark creases in card

Fold over side flaps of gift box

6. (optional) Stick painters tape onto the exterior sides of the box template. You can trim the tape to any shape you would like to see appear on the sides of the box.

As an example I lay lengths of painters tape onto a cutting board and cut a wave pattern into it. You can create any pattern you would like with this method.

cut out design from making tape with craft knife

hands applying masking tape design to gift box

use making tape to decorate

7. Lay the box template down on scrap paper outside. Coat the walls of the gift box with one or more colours of spray paint.

spray paint to decorate sides of how to glue sides of pyramid shape Christmas Tree Gift Box

8. Here comes the big reveal. Gosh, I love this moment! Once the spray paint has dried bring it back indoors. Gently peel off the painters tape and be prepared to have your mind blown by how pretty your design is.

peel off masking tape when paint is dry

9. Punch holes near the apex of each triangular side with a stiletto or hole punch.

make hole in top to thread ribbon

10. Apply glue to the folded edges of one triangular side.

apply glue to sides of gift box

11. Press the glued folded edges to the edges of the adjacent sides.

how to glue sides of pyramid shape Christmas Tree Gift Box

how to glue sides of pyramid shape Christmas Tree Gift Box

12. After filling the box with treats and small gifts fold closed the front opening of the box. Feed a ribbon through the four holes at the top of box and close with a bow.

Hands threading ribbon into holes on top of Christmas Tree Gift Box

tie a ribbon to top of Christmas Tree Gift Box

Christmas Tree Gift Box with open side

After taking this photo I found a pretty silver glitter bow that matched perfectly with the paint design.

silver Glitter box on top of pyramid shaped gift box

This Christmas tree gift box is ideal for small gifts, and food treats.

Pyramid shaped christmas tree gift box with box on pink background


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