Quick Craft: Embellished Tassels

Make an Embellished Tassel in only a few minutes -DIY on mypoppet.com.au
I quickly whipped up a few tassels the other day to embellish a bigger project that you will see soon. These are so easy to make and only took me a few minutes with some materials I had on hand. You can keep them simple or add some pretty trims to make them look fancy. The only tools required are scissors and a hot glue gun. They make great little charms for key rings or zipper pulls. You are limited only by your imagination.

assorted vintage trim and fringe

You will need:

Fringe trim (I picked up some of this vintage upholstery trim at the thrift store but your craft store should have a nice selection)
Embellishment trim of your choice
Hot glue gun

How to:

how to make a tassel diy mypoppet.com.au
1. Cut about 3-4″ of fringe and a piece of cord to make loop. The longer the length of fringe the fatter your tassel will be.
2. Fold cord in half to create a loop and glue it to one end of fringe.
3. Run a bead of glue along the top of the fringe and roll it up.
4. Take care to glue down edge neatly
5. If desired glue on extra trims or cord as embellishment. Get as creative as you like.
Tassel diy with vintage fringe and trim
If you have shorter fringe try making smaller tassels, they look pretty cute too.
It's easy to make tassels with frindge and trims
Where will you hang your tassels?
tassel diy with vintage fringe

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