The Long and Short of it…

Remember this vintage book find from way back when? I’ve been looking for some more in the series at every Op Shop I go to for nearly a year now without much luck. After seeing the original blog post a lovely reader (thank you, I don’t know who you were as the package was thrown away) sent me one she had found bringing our collection to two , until now…

In the place I least expected it, one came to me. Mums elderly neighbor in Argentina (Emma called her Granny like in Totoro) popped over with a big bag of books that she had kept from when her children were young. In it was this beauty, Largo y Corto (Long and Short), in Spanish from the same series by a different publisher. Trippy!
The books were on loan whilst we were there but she let us have this one after she saw how excited I was about it. Aren’t the illustrations just the best?
And there are those heart knee patches again.I wonder where the next one will turn up?


  • Nat @ dear little house says:

    So cool! I got a few vintage Little Golden Books recently, the illustrations are amazing!

  • Mon Alisa Design says:

    Hi Cintia, I was the one who sent you the little package. I'm so glad you liked it 🙂
    I found another one last week. Its “Mealtime” but is slightly damaged on the covers edges. The illustrations are oober cute though not as detailed as the others. The op shops around here are always getting in lovely children's books, and as I always visit them I tend to get first dibs. (Kandos vinnies is the best one).
    Sending it your way toots x
    Hey, I just answered your last question! He he!

  • Kristie says:

    Love it! I have the 'Bath Time' book on a shelf in my little one's nursery. It was mine as a child and is gorgeous 🙂

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