Scrapbusting: Handmade Scrap Fabric Twine

handmade fabric twine diy included video tutorial
Here it is, by popular demand…How to make rope from scrap fabric. It’s an idea that came to me whilst I was in the process of tidying up my sewing space, I tend to keep all my fabric scraps ‘just in case’ and all those really long thin pieces were tangling together and making a big mess. After doing a bit of online research on rope making, I found this video showing how to hand twist rope from tree bark, so I’ve used the same technique with fabric and it works a treat.

I’ve made a video tutorial to go with the instructions.

You will need:

Lots of scrap fabric strips in assorted lengths (max 1″ wide)
Something to wind your twine on to
Time and lots of it!
How to hand make bakers twine

How to:

-Gather all your fabric, you may need to cut some of it into strips, tearing is fine.
-Tie 2 strips together with a small knot to get started.
knotted rope
Tip: It’s easier to use one long strip and one short strip to avoid tangles.
Start twisting
Step 1: twist strip away from you
Step 2: pull that twisted strip over towards you
how to make fabric rope with fabric scraps
Tip: The tighter you twist, the firmer your twine will be.
To Join strips
Joining is easy, just leave a tail of about 1″ and wrap the new strip around it.
fabric twine joining instructions
Keep twisting as usual.
twisting rope diy
The join will remain quite strong.
Tip: Make sure both your strips don’t finish at the same time or your join may be weakened.

I’ve made a video that clearly shows you how to twist the twine and join the strips.

It’s super addictive and sort of meditative, I made meters and meters of it. My hands did cramp up a bit, so make sure your take little breaks because the twisting action can also be a bit hard on the wrists.
cute fabric twine heart

Using fabric strips in contrasting colours really shows off the twists and sort of makes it look a little bit like baker’s twine. I’m sure you could find a million uses for it, I’ve made a project that I’ll share with you soon. I think it would look great tied around brown paper wrapped parcels.
close up of fabric rope
vintage rope spools
What will you do with your handmade twine?