8 Gorgeous Floral Gifts to Make this Mother’s Day

Mother's Day floral Crafts to make
Flowers make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. I mean breakfast in bed is pretty nice, and I do love a good macaroni necklace, but I’ve yet to meet another mother that doesn’t enjoy a nice bunch of flowers. There’s just one hitch, florists are run off their feet at this time of year, so why not get creative and make some of these floral inspired gifts for Mother’s day instead.

8 Gorgeous Floral inspired crafts to make this Mother’s Day

Mother's Day floral crafts to make

DIY Floral Arrangement in a Bowl

Create a unique arrangement just for your mum with all her favourite flowers. Use a vintage bowl, biscuit tin or even a teapot to make it extra special.

Flower Pillow

This colourful cushion will brighten up a cosy corner. Fill it with a down feather insert for that extra touch of luxury.

Mother's Day floral crafts to make

Floral Bath Salts 

by Soap Queen

Spoil mum with some lovely scented homemade bath salts so she can relax and unwind in a hot bath. While you are at it, make an extra batch for yourself to enjoy too.

Mother’s Day Banner & Party Kit

by Oh Happy Day

If you are inviting your Mother (or Mother in Law) around for afternoon tea on Mother’s Day, surprise her with a cute mini-party. The floral bunches make great cupcake toppers.

Mother's Day floral crafts to make

Floral Cake Topper

by The House that Lars Built

Elevate a humble cake into something extra special with some pretty paper flowers. You could also use real flowers from your garden, just make sure they haven’t been sprayed with chemicals.

Print Your Own Wrapping Paper

Create photo realistic digitally printed wrapping paper in just the press of a button. Get he kids to help with this one, it’s a lot of fun and so easy to do.

Mother's Day floral crafts to make

Floral Fabric Bead Necklace

Make a whole lot of these pretty fabric necklaces in different colours for your mum to mix and match with all her outfits. Easy enough for crafty kids to make with only a little pre-sewing preparation required.

Floral Painted Globe

by A Joyful Riot

Turn a thrift store globe into a show stopping decor piece. Write a special heart felt message for on it to make your mum feel extra special. It will make her smile all year round.

Are you hand making a Mother’s Day Gift this year?

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