Confetti Scarf Crochet Pattern

Brighten up any outfit with this delicate crochet scarf, inspired by the joyfully random colours of a handful of confetti. I call it the Confetti Scarf!

confetti scarf corchet pattern - woman dressed in black wearing spotty crochetscarf

This yarn review and free crochet pattern is a collaboration with American Yarns – This post contains affiliate links

Made from soft and drapey bamboo blend yarn, this narrow scarf is the perfect lightweight accessory to add a bit of personality to whatever you’re wearing. 

I love a quick crochet project as much as the next girl, but every once in a while, I do appreciate making something slowly and methodically, that I’ll wear for years to come.

The Confetti Scarf is just that project.

hand holding spotty crochet scarf

If you are looking for a special crochet pattern that is easy to make (although not quick), and very eye catching, I think this pretty scarf is for you.

The design came about after I was introduced to Premier Bamboo Fair yarn from American Yarns. The huge range of colours available really caught my eye, and I couldn’t decide on just a few colours, so I chose almost all of them.

confetti scarf corchet pattern - woman dressed in black wearing spotty crochet scarf

The colours all looked so pretty together, and the soft muted tones reminded me of that old fashioned confetti we used at weddings as a kid.

Anyway, it inspired me to make this scarf with lots of little circles in random colours, sprinkled around like confetti.

Made from a bamboo/cotton yarn blend, it’s nice and cool to wear, and perfect for all seasons.

confetti scarf corchet pattern - woman dressed in black wearing spotty crochet scarf

Not so much designed for warmth, the Confetti Scarf is more of an accessory, in place of a necklace or silk scarf. Something to add a little pizazz to a plain outfit, and elevate it from casual, to smart.

Because of the multitude of colours, this scarf really goes with almost anything. I’ve worn it with black in the photos so the colours can really POP! But it looks just as smart worn with a plain t-shirt or light linen shirt.

crochet scarf over light blue shirt

This crochet pattern is perfect for beginners – The whole scarf is made with repeats of just one easy circle motif, joining as you go along. Really the hardest part is choosing what colour to join next.

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I’ve also included photos which clearly explains how to ‘join as you go’ to crochet this scarf as one whole piece with no sewing required.

Even though this pattern is not difficult, it is quite fiddly. There are plenty of ends to weave in, which can almost take as much time as the crochet.

Allow yourself plenty of time for this project.

confetti scarf corchet pattern - woman dressed in black wearing spotty crochet scarf

I’ve used 21 colours in all, but keep in mind that I wanted to showcase the yarn that I’m reviewing so don’t feel that you need to purchase 21 balls of yarn to make this Confetti Scarf.

You could make this crochet scarf with less colours, or even better, use up yarn scraps from other projects. It’s up to you.

hand holding spotty crochet scarf

Whatever you decide, I’m sure this colourful crochet accessory will be on high rotation in your wardrobe.

The yarn – Premier Bamboo Fair

Premier Bamboo Fair yarn ball

Premier Bamboo Fair is a luxurious cotton and bamboo blend yarn that is joy to work with, and is perfect for those who like working with (and wearing) natural fibers.

I found it very nice to crochet with as the yarn is twisted quite tightly, which prevented any ‘splitting’ that sometimes happens with cotton yarns that have a loose twist.

Premier Bamboo Fair yarn ball

The fiber mix is 40% cotton and 60% rayon derived from bamboo. The rayon in this yarn gives it luxurious feel – a lovely satin luster, soft touch, and fluid drape when made up.

This yarn has no stretch, or elasticity, so keep that in mind when choosing your projects.

Bamboo Fair yarn is also very breathable and moisture absorbent, making it ideal for summer knits and light garments.

The label categorizes this yarn as a Light (3) DK weight, but it feels much finer and personally I’d say it’s more of a 4-5ply (sport) weight yarn.

I would recommend Premier Bamboo Fair for:

  • Summer weight garments – tops, dresses, light sweaters and cardigans
  • Shawls and accessories that require drape (but not stretch)
  • Breathable blankets
  • Face cloths and scrubbies
  • Amigurumi crochet toys
  • Crochet and knitting where stitch definition is important

Balls are a generous 100g/250m – slightly less yardage than Cotton Fair (which I’ve worked with previously) as bamboo/rayon is slightly heavier than acrylic which is in Cotton Fair.

Premier Bamboo Fair yarn assorted yarn balls

But the best thing about Premier Bamboo Fair has got to be the colours!

Available in 32 colours – this selection is just beautiful. All the colours compliment each other perfectly, so mixing and matching is a breeze.

I’ve used 21 colours in my crochet scarf project, to showcase the range, but really a handful of any of the colours, would look great together.

Premier Bamboo Fair yarn assorted yarn balls blue grey and lilac colors

Premier Bamboo Fair yarn assorted yarn balls pink and red colors

Premier Bamboo Fair yarn assorted yarn balls green and neutral colors

Top tip – If you are into knitting and crocheting dolls, there are 4 great colours that will work well as skin tones. (See below)

Premier Bamboo Fair yarn assorted yarn skin tone colors

colours clockwise from top – Linen, Mahogany, Butterscotch, Bellini

You may also enjoy these free knitting and crochet patterns:

Confetti Scarf Crochet Pattern

hand holding crochet scarf on black background

Finished Size: Length 165cm/65″, Width 7cm/2¾”

You will need:

Note: Total yarn weight used for this crochet scarf pattern is 80g. If you are making this project in one solid colour you will only require 1x 100g ball. I’ve used 21 colours for this project but less colours would still give a similar effect.

Crochet Stitches used (US terminology):

  • ch – chain
  • dc – double crochet
  • sl – slip stitch

confetti scarf crochet pattern

Confetti Scarf Crochet Pattern instructions:

This scarf is made up of 165 crochet circle motifs attached in a ‘join as you go’ fashion.

The circles are arranged in random colour order and laid out 3 x 55, ie 3 circles across and 55 long. Length and width can be adjusted to your preference.

Crochet Pattern for each circle motif:

To begin, ch 4, then join with a slip stitch to form a ring. 

Round 1 – Ch 3 (counts as 1 dc), 11 dc in ring, sl into 3rd st on ch 3 to join (12dc st). Cut yarn

Join crochet motifs as you go every 3 dc stitches using method described below in a 3×55 pattern, weave in ends as you go is recommended.

Where to join crochet circles

DC crochet circle

Here is the anatomy of a circle motif – for joining, it’s easiest to assign each stitch a number like a clock face.

The motifs join together at 3, 6, 9 & 12 as you go. It doesn’t where the staring point for your circle is as long as the first ch3 is not on the yellow dot joining points.

How to join circle motifs ‘as you go’

This is a very easy joining method. You essentially create a dc stitch as normal, except the only difference is that the yarn loops from the adjacent motif that you are joining to will be sandwiched between the hook loop and first yarn over.

join as you go crochet

  1. With working motif loop on hook, insert hook into top loops of dc on adjacent circle motif in relevant (yellow dot) stitch.
  2. Continue to create dc stitch as normal (yo, hook in ring, yo)
  3. yo and pull though 2 loops
  4. yo and pull though 2 loops + the loops from adjacent circle motif.

Here’s what it looks like joined.

join as you go crochet circles

It’s a good idea to weave in ends as you go to prevent unraveling. I recommend threading the tail though the center ring stitches to secure.

weave in crochet tail yarn

Here is how the back of join appears after ends woven in.

join as you go crochet circles

Build up scarf in sections, working in one long row of 5 circles, then move down and join the next row. I’ve labeled the circles below in the order of joining.

Using this pattern to build the scarf means you’ll only need to crochet 2 join stitches (max) per circle.

When you finish one section, repeat until scarf is desired length.

how to join as you go crochet scarf

When finished the scarf will have a tendency to curl up, so blocking is recommended.

crochet scarf before blocking

How to block confetti scarf

Block finished scarf by pinning out on an ironing board or towel using sewing pins, or blocking pins (if you have them).

how to steam block crochet

Use as many pins as required to open up define circle shapes.

Using a steam iron (or garment steamer), hover over crochet and puff a generous amount of steam over it (do not press). Gently stretch out any curled areas and allow to cool.

Steam blocking before and after

Above – unblocked, Below – steam blocked

You can see the difference (in the image above) that blocking makes to open out and define the circles.

All done! Your confetti scarf is now ready to wear.

confetti scarf crochet pattern - woman wearing black and coloful crochet sacrf

Premier Bamboo Fair yarn is available from


hand holding crochet scarf on black background



  • patricia says:

    I love the scarf…and y ou look beautiful!!

  • Erica says:

    Oh la la! What a perfect summer crochet project!

  • Jen says:

    Love this project, and the yarn looks lovely! My comment, however, focuses more on you 🙂
    Thank you so much for making such a detailed and thoughtful (and free) tutorial! As always, you outline the steps so thoroughly, that any project become do-able in my mind, where it may have seem daunting at the onset. You definitely make the internet a better place!!!

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