Pretty Blooms Baby Blanket & Hat Gift Set Knitting Pattern

If you have a friend with a baby on the way, I have the sweetest little Baby Blanket & Hat knitted gift set to make using a brand new self striping yarn that creates floral patterns as you knit.

Knitted floral baby blanket and hat pattern

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Premier Bloom Chunky is printed yarn that creates a floral pattern and stripes when knitted. It gives the effect of stranded colourwork without having to mess with multiple yarns.

premier bloom chunky yarn

It’s chunky nature (12ply/bulky) means that it works up super quickly on large needles – perfect for churning out projects fast, especially if there is a baby on the way.

premier bloom chunky yarn

The yarn is quite soft and squishy, with just a tiny bit of fluffiness. 100% acrylic, so it’s machine washable (gentle cycle), although I’d probably hand wash this personally to prevent pilling that may be caused by a machine wash.

Simple knitting patterns that show off the stripe design are best suited to this yarn. The plainer the better. If the stitch pattern is too fussy, it will obfuscate the floral print and you lose all the charm.

Self stiping pattern of premier bloom chunky yarn

Similarly crochet would not really show off the best patterning in this yarn (an exception may be moss stitch).

When choosing a project to make from this yarn, keep in mind that the width of the stripes will depend on the stitch count. The more stitches the thinner the stripes, and conversely, less stitches across means thick stripes.

Self stiping pattern of premier bloom chunky yarn

I found, when designing my baby blanket pattern that around 60 stitches gave a great pattern repeat.

The colour range of this yarn is quite pastel and mostly skews feminine. But there are a handful of colourways that are more gender neutral if you prefer.

Knitting with this yarn was never boring. I quite enjoyed how the stripes developed and it was fun seeing the rows of flowers ‘bloom’ before my eyes.

premier bloom chunky yarn

I hope you enjoy knitting up this easy baby gift set, it’s a simple pattern that showcases the best of Premier Bloom Chunky’s patterning ability.

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Pretty Blooms Baby Blanket & Hat Gift Set Knitting Pattern

Whip up this knitted baby blanket and hat gift set in just a weekend. The pretty bloom floral pattern grows right before your eyes with barely any effort.

Knitted floral baby blanket and hat pattern

No fancy stitches required, if you can knit and purl, you’ve got this baby blanket knitting pattern covered!

This blanket is ideally sized for use in a bassinet, or pram. The hat will fit a newborn to about 3 months and can be made with yarn that is leftover from making the baby blanket.

I’ve added a garter stitch border to the hat so it matches the blanket, but you can change that to a rib if preferred.

Pretty Blooms Baby Blanket

Striped yarn lilac blue and pink baby blanket knitting pattern

Finished size (unblocked): length 79cm (31″), width 63cm (25″)

To make this Knitted Baby Blanket

You will need:

Knitting Stitches used:

  • CO – Cast on
  • K – Knit stitch
  • P – Purl stitch
  • BO – Bind off

Gauge (approx) 10st and 15 rows in 10x10cm (4″x4″)

Knitted Blanket Pattern instructions:

Starting with a solid colour section of yarn CO 60 stitches loosely (or with long tail cast on).

Knit in garter st (knit all) for 6 rows

Row 7 (wrong side): K4, P52, K4

Row 8 (right side):  knit all

Repeat these 2 rows (R7 & R8) 50 times (or around 7 segments of floral pattern section).

Finish with 6 rows of garter st (K all) and bind off. Weave in ends.

All done!

Notes on joining a new ball:

When you need to join a new ball of yarn, take note of the design repeat.

As you can see in the image below, the ball on the left starts on the wrong section of the pattern. Ideally, choose a ball that continues as close as possible to the pattern repeats, or wind off some yarn till you get a match. I’ve allowed for this in the pattern. (The excess yarn can be used to make a hat!)

joining 2 balls of premier bloom chunky yarn tips

As the yarn is printed with a pattern, you should be able to find the exact spot where the pattern matches.

joining 2 balls of premier bloom chunky yarn tips

Even though the printing may look somewhat random, if you look closely enough the subtle patterns will match exactly from one ball to the next.

joining 2 balls of premier bloom chunky yarn tips

Careful yarn end matching will give you a nice and consistent stripe pattern through your blanket.

Pretty Blooms Baby Hat Knitting Pattern

Only a small amount of yarn is required to knit this baby hat, making it ideal for using up yarn remnants from the baby blanket pattern.

The chunky needle and yarn combination means this little newborn hat is a super quick knit.

The actual beanie knitting pattern is very simple with only basic stitch knowledge required. It’s worked in the round from the garter stitch brim up, so the bonus is no sewing. It’s almost ready to wear when it comes of the needles.

Newborn beanie knitting pattern - stripe baby hat on lilac background

  • 1/4 ball Premier Bloom Chunky in Hydrangea (about 25m/27yds/25g)
  • 9.0 mm (US 13) 100cm (40″) circular needles (I use this interchangeable set)
  • Stitch Marker
  • Yarn Needle
  • Scissors

Stitches used:

  • K – Knit
  • P – Purl
  • CO – cast on
  • K2tog – Knit 2 together

Gauge: 10st and 15 rows in 10cm/4″
Finished size: (measured un-stretched) brim diameter 30cm (12″), crown height 15cm (6″)

Pattern notes:

This pattern uses the magic loop method for knitting in the round, it’s really handy because I don’t have to swap to double pointed needles when stitches decrease. If you are not familiar with the magic loop method, this video explains it clearly.

To make:

CO 31 stitches onto 9mm needle. Cast on loosely (or with a long tail cast on) to allow for some stretch in the brim.

Join for working in the round by slipping the last stitch from the right needle to your left and K2tog (30 stitches).
Place stitch marker to mark the beginning of the round.

For brim section
Round 1: K all
Round 2: P all
Round 3: K all
Round 4: P all
Round 5: K all
Round 6: P all

For crown section
Rounds 7-16: K all

Round 17: *K2tog, K4* repeat all the way around (25 stitches)
Round 18: K all
Round 19: *K2tog, K3* repeat all the way around (20 stitches)
Round 20: K all
Round 21: *K2tog, K2* repeat all the way around (15 stitches)
Round 22: *K2tog, K1* all the way around (10 stitches)
Round 23: K2tog all the way around (5 stitches)

Break yarn and pull through 6 live stitches, fasten securely. Weave in ends.

Knitted floral baby blanket and hat pattern

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