DIY Honeycomb Paper Fruit Party Decorations

How to make: Honeycomb tissue paper fruit decorations -
This week Emma turned 8! I can’t believe how quickly she is growing up, it feels like I was organising her first birthday party not that long ago. I decided not to throw a big party for her this year, but did promise her a little afternoon tea with her cousins with a cake and some treats. I wasn’t planning on a theme or decorations, but after digging around for some paper plates in my ‘party supply’ drawer, I found some cute fruit plates which gave me an idea – A fruity afternoon tea party!

I remembered I had some old tissue paper honeycomb decorations, from our Mexican Fiesta Christmas a few years ago, which were perfect to re-purpose into fruit party decorations. I also used some crepe paper from my stash, so this project cost me zero dollars. WIN!

The beauty of tissue paper honeycomb decorations, is that they can be re-cut into different shapes. I transformed a bell into a pineapple, a drop ornament into a strawberry, and a ball into a peach. Sure you can buy them in fruit shapes already, but if you have leftover decorations from other event, this is a prefect way to reuse them in a new way.

You will need:

How to make Honeycomb tissue Paper Fruit Party Decorations - supplies

  • Honeycomb tissue paper decorations – assorted shapes new or used
  • Green crepe paper
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors

How to make Paper Fruit Party Decorations:

DIY Honeycomb Paper Fruit Party Decorations - Strawberry

To make a strawberry you can use a heart or ball shape as a base. I had a Christmas ornament shape which only required the tip to be cut off.

Make strawberry party decorations -

1/ Cut your honeycomb decoration into a gentle point.

2/ Fold a square of green crepe paper into quarters and then diagonally, cut a leaf shape and a hole in the center.

3/ Glue the honeycomb shape open.

4/ Glue on the green leaf to the top, now it’s ready to hang.

How to make a pineapple fruit party decoration

No fruity party is complete without a pineapple. I was lucky enough to have a yellow bell in my stash which turned out to make an ideal pineapple shape with a little tweak.

How to make a pineapple decoration

1/ Cut your bell decoration into an ovalish shape. I cut the rim of the bell off and turned the whole thing upside-down.

2/ Fold a large square of green crepe paper in half, then cut spiky leaf shapes from both layers.

3/ Glue the honeycomb shape open.

4/ Glue on the green leaves around the top and stretch the paper a little to make them curve. Add a new hanging string.

make an orange or peach decoration

The peach coloured ball was easy to transform. Just the addition of a green leaf gives it the look of a peach, or possibly an orange. If you had a green or red ball, this shape could work for an apple too.

How to make a tissue paper peach decoration. .au

1/ Cut a leaf shape from green crepe paper. Glue the honeycomb shape open.

2/ Glue on the green leaf to the top, now it’s ready to hang.

DIY Tissue paper Fruit Party decorations

So there you have it, don’t these fruit party decorations look fun? Apart from not costing me anything (I love stash busting), they only took me about half an hour to make. I’m glad I did because they really transformed the space. I’ve left them up in my kitchen because they are so cheerful.

Pop over to My Poppet LIVING to see Emma’s Fruit Themed Party.

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