How To: Bunny Hand Puppet

Bunny handpuppet -

I made this little bunny puppet a couple of years ago from an old sweater. I do enjoy making things from unwanted garments, and even though this old angora sweater had seen better days, it made a great little bunny rabbit hand puppet.

Emma and I had a lovely time playing with it when she was little, and we still use if for puppet shows when we have young visitors over to play.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a sewist, this project is very easy to make and requires minimal sewing skills. If you don’t have a sewing machine, it is a small enough project to stitch by hand.

Older kids may enjoy making this bunny hand puppet as a Easter craft project.

With Easter on the way soon, why not give a gift that can be enjoyed all year around.

I’ve needle felted a little fluffy ball for a tail from wool roving. If you don’t have needle felting tools, you can make a yarn pom pom or use a pre-made craft pom pom.

Note: Pom poms can be a chocking hazard for babies and children under 3yo. Ensure all tails are securely fastened and that pom poms do not shed yarn. A firmly secured needle felted ball is a safer option. If in doubt, omit tail entirely.

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You will need:

  • Template – download link and print to fit on A4 page
  • An old light coloured woollen sweater that has been felted (fulled) in hot water so it won’t unravel when cut. (You may already have one that was accidentally machine washed or thrown in the dryer.) or Cream coloured felt sheet x2
  • Pink felt scraps for the ears
  • Wool roving or yarn to make pom pom tail
  • Embroidery or sewing thread for nose and eyes
  • Sewing supplies and sewing machine (optional)

How to make a bunny handpuppet -

How to make a Bunny Puppet:

1. Cut 2 body pieces aligning the ribbed edge of the sweater at the bottom to form the cuff of the puppet.

2. Cut 2 ears.

How to make a rabbit puppet -

3. Machine zig zag (or hand stitch) around the edges leaving the bottom open.

4. To shape ears, bring both edges into center and hand stitch to fasten.

How to make a bunny puppet -

5. Either make a small yarn pom pom or needle felt some roving to make a fluffy tail. Hand stitch on securely.

6. Hand stitch on ears, eyes and nose where indicated on template.

All done! Enjoy

Upcycled sweater bunny puppet -

This rabbit hand puppet has a lot of personality. Pop your thumb and pinkie into it’s arms and the rest of your fingers to make the head move.

Upcycled sweater bunny puppet -


  • georgeina says:

    that's delightful! may join my long list of things to do….

  • Karen says:

    These puppets are so cute! I have been searching the internet for the last few hours to find a wonderful gift to make for my three and a half year olds, in a class of 17 boys and girls. I am finally done with the search. I know that they will absolutely LOVE these! Now, I have a whole month to make them before our spring break.

    Thank you for sharing!!

    • Miss Cinti @ My Poppet says:

      Have fun making them, I’m sure they will adore them. If you can’t find old sweaters, craft felt works just as well.

      • Karen says:

        I have never commented on a blog before so I am excited that you wrote back. I am going to use terry cloth so that they can be used in the bath also. Until I get them made and sent home [on spring break] I am going to make one to use in the classroom. I think that will even make it more exciting when they get one in their backpack in April.

        The puppets are so cute and I thank you that the pattern is free. I do not have a very financially stable life but I want to do something fun for the children. I so appreciate you sharing!!!!

  • jet says:

    this is even more cutter to make.XD I think this is a great gift for all the small kiddo’s.
    But for grown ups as well. It made me smile.
    thank you for this tute and the sharing;-D

  • Alicia says:

    I love this bunny puppet! May I please share one of your pictures in the craft inspiration blog post I am making for Easter? Of course I will add a link back to you for credits.

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