How To: Camera Strap Makeover

Camera strap makeover -

I just bought a new compact camera to take on my trip to Japan next week. Eeeep! Exciting! It takes fab photos and has super cute retro styling, but unfortunately the camera strap that came with it was a little bit blah.
The only solution was to ‘get crafty’!

I found some cute ribbon in my stash that was the same width as the strap and it only took me a few minutes to totally transform it into something pretty special.
Here’s how I did it…

You will need:

  • Your camera strap, webbing or faux leather is suitable
  • Ribbon the same width as your strap (or slightly narrower)
  • Hair clip or paper clip
  • Sewing machine and general sewing supplies

How to:

Camera strap makeover -

1. Measure the length of ribbon required to cover the camera strap adding about 1.5cm (1/2 inch) on each end for folding under.

2. Either pin or clip into place (cutesy heart hair clip optional).

3. Stitch ribbon onto strap (use a long stitch length on faux leather or it may split), try to sew as close to the edge as you can. Make sure the ends are tucked under neatly.

You’re done! That was seriously easy.

Camera strap makeover -

Camera strap makeover -

It really took no time at all to personalize my camera strap, in fact, trying to get a good photo of it was really the hardest part!

Now I’m off to play with my camera… See you when I get back from Japan. Make sure you follow me on Instagram @mypoppetblogs to see what I get up to whilst I’m there.

How to makeover a Camera Strap -


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