How To: Paper Bead Colour Block Necklace

Paper bead Necklace -

I have so many delicate silver chains sitting in the bottom of my jewellery box, unloved and unworn. I’m not one for dainty jewellery pieces and thought adding some colourful beads to this silver chain would be fun makeover.

Paper beads are easy to make and will only cost you pennies, but make quite a fashion statement. Why not make a whole bowl of different coloured beads, then mix and match to add a fun twist to any outfit. The kids will have fun playing threading games with these too.

I’ve made a video showing how to roll the beads…

You will need:

How to make paper beads -

  • Colourful paper strips, the wider the strip the longer the finished bead
  • Quick dry craft glue
  • A pencil
  • A long chain with fastener (look in your jewellery box)

How to make Paper Beads:

I’ve made a video which shows you how to roll your beads.
They are fun and super quick to make.
The longer the strips of paper, the thicker and more durable your beads will be.

The ones I’ve made here are quite light weight and sit well on my delicate silver chain. If they get squashed I’ll just make another quick batch.

How to make paper beads -

How to make paper beads -

What colour combinations will you make?


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