How To: Harlequin Bangles

Harlequin Decoupage Bangle DIY My Poppet
Statement Jewellery is a fabulous way to bring an old outfit bang up to date, but designer pieces can be a little expensive. Instead try making these Harlequin Bangles yourself with some inexpensive supplies, no special skills required. Choose colours that suit your style, wear several stacked together or mix and match them with other plain pieces. Read on for step by step instructions…

DIY supplies You will need
You will need:
Wooden Bangle blank – (These were supplied by Fable Folk on Craftumi)
Origami Paper, assorted colours
PVA (wood) Glue or Mod Podge
Small Dish
Medium/Fine Sandpaper
Wooden Skewer
2 x tins (tomato soup is my preference)
A protected work surface

How to:
1. Lightly sand any rough edges of wooden bangle with sandpaper.
2. Measure width of bangle and mark up diamond shapes on your paper.
3. Cut out diamond and triangle shapes
4. Measure the circumference of bangle and lay out your desired design ensuring it will fit around the bangle. If the shapes are too long, trim them slightly till they fit together nicely.
design your own bangle tutorial DIY My Poppet
5. Pour a small amount of glue or Mod Podge into your container
6. Paint glue on the outside of the bangle and start sticking on your paper shapes
7. As you stick on your shapes, paint over the top of the paper with the glue.
8. It will dry clear and shiny.
Bangle DIY tutorial steps
9. Hang to dry using a wooden skewer balanced between two tins. Allow to fully dry.
10. Water down PVA glue with a table spoon of water to thin it out slightly. If you are using Mod Podge, no thinning is required.
11. Give the edges and inside of bracelet a coating of glue mixture. Allow to dry and repeat with another coating or two all over (inside and out).
Decopage glue mod podge
PVA glue will give a shiny finish when dry.
PVA glue / Mod Podge wet and dry look
Enjoy wearing your bangles and fielding lots of lovely compliments about how pretty they are!
Colorful Harlequin Bangle design DIY decoupage
Bangle DIY My Poppet Harlequin Design


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